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November 30, 2010

Gift Wrap Ideas: Day 2

Using paper + Material  Embellishments

I love the simplicity of these wrapping ideas because they can be made from such everyday and natural materials. And I like the purity of neutral color schemes. It is calming, peaceful...just beautiful. 
(And you don't need to sew to make them...YIPPEE!)
 This vase is actually wrapped in cheesecloth. Really.
The white texture is both delicate and a little shabby.
I love how it looks simply tied with twine.  A great way to wrap a hostess gift.
 This pretty gift is wrapped in plain old newspaper and wrapped around the middle with some burlap
Then I topped it off with a sweet tissue paper flower to soften it up.
 I did the same thing here with the newspaper flower on the takeout box.  It looks different since the paper is not as thin and a bit stiffer.  I also added some silver glitter paint to glam it up a bit. :)

Here is how you make these flowers:
Use 8 layers of tissue/newspaper and trace a circle (I used a bowl) and cut them out in a stack.
 Poke two holes in the center of the stack of circles with a pin.
 Using a twist tie, twist the ends and poke them through the holes.
 When both ends are in the holes, twist them in the back to tie it off.
Begin forming a flower, layer by layer by scrunching up the bottom.
  Don't squeeze too much or the flower will look too crushed at the top.
 Newspaper Flower
Tissue Paper Flower
 Isn't this rolled newspaper rosette fun?  
I usually roll fabric so doing it with paper was a little bit tricky for me but once I got the hang of it, it worked really well.
The two leaves are cut from stiffened glitter felt.

 How to make this flower:
Take a length of newspaper and roll it up into a skinny tube.
Twist it tightly.
Tie a knot on one end.
And begin to roll the knot in a spiral.
I used hot glue every few rolls since the newspaper is pretty thick as you roll it.
When you have rolled it all the way up, hot glue the end piece to the back.  
Add some sparkle with glitter paint and there you go!

Day 3 tomorrow!

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  1. I love, love LOVE these ideas! I've gift wrapped using newspaper before too, so pretty and afforable! I love the rosettes! Will definitely have to try them out! Thanks for the tutorial! :)

    ps: I'm hosting a giveaway too (it's crafty!) so if you're interested I'd love for you to enter?

  2. Very cool Jessica. Thanks for the ideas. You're really getting my creative juices flowing!

  3. so so so LOVE THESE!!
    especially the cheesecloth one!!!!
    i actually just bought some at the 99 cent store!!
    i also love using newspaper to wrap!! :D

  4. I Love these! Especially the rolled paper rosette, beautiful!!

  5. I think I may try these. wow. I love the paper flowers. The kids would totally like to get involved with making the flowers. Love it!

  6. oh cute I love the newspaper one. I am going to try and be crafty while wrapping this year. I get FREE leftover paper the newspaper uses, at a recycling center. At the end of the role they toss it. Crazy!

  7. Beautiful!! The glitter is the icing on the cake for these elegant wrappings!

  8. YOU are AMAZING!!!! Wow. I am wowed.

  9. I cannot wait for tomorrow's post. I came by to see if maybe, just maybe, you posted early. ha ha.

  10. I LOVE these. I WILL be doing this with my gifts this year....can't wait!

  11. These are soo my sister Kate! I gotta send her over here & I will probably get one for Christmas then :) Can't wait! :)

  12. Especially like the tissue paper one but they're all great ideas!

  13. See the article very interesting. Moment will come back more, ;) Thanks for Information.

  14. Oh my heavens, the newspaper roses are amazing!! I would so love to climb inside that brain of yours.

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  16. Hi Jessica These are SO beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing at A Crafty Soiree!
    xo Malia

  17. We really love the newspaper rosettes!!Thank you so much for the tutorial!We will definitely try to make them!!!Kisses from Greece :-)

  18. Thank YOU for the fabbie tut!!!!

  19. Thanks for showing me how to make the flowers and use wrapping we have everyday in our pretty is that and so simple and yet easy peasy! got to love being able to re-purpose! TFS :) Also I am a new follower! :)


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