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April 12, 2011

Simple Looped Ribbon Chandalier

Kind of different right?
I actually started out making this with the idea of making a normal ribbon chandelier.  I was going to put lengths of ribbon around an embroidery hoop and aim for a kind of beachy, grown up feel instead of the usual bright and pretty ones I have seen. I wanted it more subdued and peaceful. So I started researching these trying to figure out if I should sew on the ribbon, glue it, or tie it onto the hoop. 
Add I found this REAL glass ribbon chandelier and got inspired.
I am actually not a mod girl.  I am a cottage style girl all the way.  But there is something about the clean lines of modern design that gives me a sense of peace. I am drawn to that from an inspirational point of view.

 I figured...I could SO do that with looped ribbon!  And so I did.  I literally just glued loops together and then sewed fishing line through each loop and tied it to an embroidery hoop I painted to match.
 The ivory, white, and pale blue satin ribbon make it so delicate and pretty.  
It actually matches my master bedroom perfectly!
 See my shams? :)
I actually tried looping ribbon around the hoop but it started looking like a really bad wedding decoration.
Like an 80's throwback. Shudder. 
So I ripped it off and repainted the damage I did.
I was actually trying to hide all the tied off fishing line but it's growing on me.  
And I like the simple look of the painted hoop.

What do you think?
Classy ribbon chandy?
Pretty baby mobile?
Rear view mirror decor?
Or 80's tacky with a wanna be modern flair?

I still like it though. :)


  1. I actually really REALLY like it!!! It does have a modern flare, but I think I could easily see it with your cottage home. Good job. I also think it would be precious in a nursery too.

  2. It's so pretty. For some reason, I thought it would look pretty with a few glass beads, too. It's beautiful just the way it is, though!

  3. I think it is lovely...I would so hang it in my home. Hugs. xoxox

  4. What a cute idea! Here's me :

    And my craft blog :

  5. Super Cool! I am so glad you suggested the rearview mirror art! I should probably get my new car decorated right? :)

    Did you use white and cream ribbons? It looks like it & I would have never thought of mixing them but it is perfect! Totally perfect! Too bad Annie already has like 15 things hanging from her ceiling! That would be cute in her room!

    Opps...Roo is squirming like crazy I better go get the little guy fed for the night & get us off to bed! I LOVE my bed right now :) But I just wanted to jump on & see what amazing ideas I was missing out on! Glad I didn't miss it!!!

  6. Hi! (I found you from Geeky & Sassy and wanted to say hello.)

    I love this idea because I've been wanting to make a mobile and this looks like an easy way to do it.

  7. i think it's very cool and creative!

  8. I love this! I think its cool and classy. My daughter is looking for something like this for her room,I wonder if it would look as good if I added a really bright punch of colour for one of the ribbons?

  9. This is really cute, such a great idea!! <3 I love your crafts, you're so inspiring! Hope you're having a great week!


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