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April 25, 2011

A Spring Tablescape Needs Birds. Always.

This week I will be sharing with you little tutorials and ideas for a fun Spring tablescape I am creating for a Gala dinner this Saturday. It is a fundraising event for my daughter's school and it will be loads of fun.  You can see some items I created to bid on during the silent auction.  Check out my napkin rings, table runner, and fabric wall art.

I know my "THING" for birds is quite obvious on this blog.  I can't actually say I love real ones.  Oh, I love seeing them and hearing their happy chirps.  But I am not a bird WATCHER.  But I definitely can get down with some bird decor.  They are so charming and sweet. They can have a feminine, cottage vibe.  They can be modern.  They can be cutesy and youthful.  I just love it.  So of course...I knew this tablescape I was planning cried out for the need of birds. Oh, yes.
I saw these at the dollar store and knew they would be perfect...after a generous dose of spray paint.  I am looking to make a fun little Spring vignette for my sideboard in the dining room.  So I was also looking for things I could use later in my own home and not just for one night.
A white can of spray paint was needed.  This is the first spray towards the transformation. I almost felt guilty for doing this. I usually do when a can of spray paint is in my hands. The artist in me thinks that someone created this and may have delighted in its colors and beauty and here I am essentially WIPING IT OUT with my can of spray paint.  Yes, I know how it was PROBABLY made.  But I like thinking that some sweet old man painted this with a tiny smile on his face with meticulous detail.  Oh, maybe this is why I feel guilty?????????  OK, then.

Here are a few more sprays.  The spray paint was having a hard time adhering to whatever these birds are made of.. I actually did another bird with some wall paint sampler of green first but decided I did not like it. When I used the spray paint on top, it adhered to it perfectly. But I kept going on this one until it stuck.
Hello there, happy white bird!
What a difference a little spray paint makes!
Now these little birds can match and work together.  I may not use all of them...we shall see. :)
 Tomorrow I will be working with some of that pink fabric on the top. 
(the napkins on the bottom are for later in the week) 

All of this will all make sense at the end of the week.  It will be like a big, fun, crafty, week long puzzle. 
Good times, right?
See you tomorrow!


  1. That`s exciting;)
    Can`t wait to see what you planned, love the little white birds, what white paint can do to old things is amazing;)

    Look here...

    Lovely greetings...

  2. The birds look beautiful spray painted!! Love them!!

  3. the birds definitely needed the makeover, they look good white! Can't wait to see it all together.

  4. I looove the look of birds too, and they are so symbolic of freedom, peace, hope, spring etc. I can;t wait to see the finished vignette.

  5. How fun!!! Can't wait to see more posts. :)

  6. Wow those are great, I need to get out my spray paint I have some knickknacks that are adorable but unusable, thanks for the ideas!

  7. oo oo oo! you know i Love this!! I would have never seen the potential in these!! and may i say How gorgeous your pictures look!! :D

  8. Okay I have already shared this with people! & this idea carries into so much! Makes me want to jump in the car & go scour my dollar store...but that thought also scares me with all my kids :) Yes, after they go to bed some I need to plan a party! Do you want to come Jess? :) You & the girls!

    Hope you are doing good!!!! Those birds & your table are going to be AMAZING!!!! Can't wait to see! We do get to see don't we? :)

  9. I want some birds, too! These are great--and I completely understand the gult about painting them. I feel like that every time I change something from it's original form! They are so classy all in white!


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