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April 5, 2011

Pretty Little Napkin Rings

I have been a busy girl this past week.  I have been a crafting bee to get ready for an upcoming gala and silent auction we are attending at the end of the month. Like, a bit fancy.  I have no idea the last time I was fancy.

First, let me back up and explain.  For those of you who are new to reading my blog, my oldest daughter attends a unique Christian school that is a hybrid of classroom teaching and homeschooling.  The kids go to school 3 days a week and are home schooled two days a week. This community of parents and teachers work together to teach our kids both biblically and academically.  It truly is awesome.

So two times a year, the school holds two fund raising events.  A golf tournament in the fall and a gala in the spring.  The gala is super fun and we hold a silent auction where local businesses donate tons of gift certificates, products, and baskets.  Part of my contribution is to make several things that can be auctioned.

So this is my first COMPLETED (all others are "in process") item...these pretty napkin rings!

I first made some of the flowers from this ivory chiffon that I am loving to work with right now and using the buttons from my paper and button flowers.  I decided to make 6 since it is rare to find that many in a set. I know there is only 4 in the pic but I made 6.  Honest to goodness. Each flower has a different button sewn in the middle and I love how it makes each one a little unique.
And here's the fun part.  To make the napkin holders I used hemp twine and PVC pipe. The PVC were 43 cents each.  Oh yes.  Loving the way cheap materials.
All I did was wrap each one from the inside to the outside and used hot glue.  It was super easy but time consuming.  Took me 2-3 hours to do all 3. I did not want any gaps so I went slow. Then I hot glued each flower to the the rings.

Again, I am addicted to texture so I am loving all the contrast of rustic twine with the sheer, feminine flowers.  LOOOOOOVE it. Is that OK to say about your own creation?  But I do love it.

I promise to show you more projects as I make them.  So if I am a bit MIA this week...that is why. 
I am also working on some art pieces that I am pretty excited to share with you.  Nervous...but excited. :)

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  1. these are simply stunning! I am sure they will be a huge hit at the auction! I adore them :)

  2. Those are SO cute!! I love them!

  3. I love this jess! so creative. guess I need to get some fancy smchancy napkins if I am going to make these. ;)

  4. AHHH! I love them! Believe it or not, I have been wracking my brain for easy napkin ring ideas for the spring. Now I can stop and just make these. :)

  5. These are beautiful--the contrast of the jute and the chiffon is stunning!

  6. Jessica, I have a mom that helps in our student ministry at Calvary who just opened a kind of victorian shop with her twin sister. I would love to introduce you two. I can see a lot of your projects in their store. Email me at and I will see what I can do. You really are gifted in this and I could really see you selling your stuff!!

  7. Wow! These are adorable and very creative! Thanks for sharing over at Blue Cricut!

  8. Those are so pretty!! They'd be wonderful for a bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or even the wedding itself! Good job, and yes, you can love your own creations. If you don't, you can not expect others to also love it, with the exception of making something for someone with their taste in mind, that are not your favorite colors, patterns, etc...

    Sometimes I love my creations so much, I don't give them away, or I at least make two. And if I don't do either, I at least have pics to copy them again. :) TFS!!

  9. I just found your blog and am your newest follower. Thanks for creating such an amazing blog full of inspiration. I'll be back often (and I LOVE the napkin rings)!

  10. These are so pretty and versatile! The white/twine could go with any decor. Very clever, thank you for sharing this :)

  11. Those are adorable! I'm in love with white these days, especially white flowers! Lovely :)

  12. Jessica-
    These are sooo cute!! I found you via tatertots & jello and fell in love with your ruffly wreath! After browsing thru your blog I have now stumbled acrossed these adorable napkin rings!! I'm your newest follower!! Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!!

  13. Oh these are lovely! They would be perfect for a party we are working on for this weekend. I wonder if we will have time to get some done! Maybe. :) Thanks for sharing!


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