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April 7, 2011

The Napkin Rings were Lonely...So I added a Runner to Match :)

Huge sigh of relief. Today was the day to turn in all of our donations for the auction. I think I will never procrastinate again.  This is a lie, of course but I will repeat this to myself anyway. I work best under pressure but I sure hate it when I am in it.

So.  The runner and how it came to be.  The napkin rings are so lovely but I felt it was not enough.  I would have bought napkins but...well, white is boring yet I wanted to stay neutral.  So I figured I would find a generic runner and just add my flowers to it.  Which I did.
But let me tell you how excited I was when I saw this runner at Target! I mean, it would totally match the texture thing I had going on when I added the flowers!  Whoa. And this runner is kinda....ehh...all by itself. But adding the flowers gave it this sweet compliment and I loved the outcome.

I felt like my own one man sweat shop getting all this stuff done. The kids got nuggets and mac and cheese, the best husband in the world got them ready for bed...and I just sewed and sewed. Again, not digging the last minute thing.
I made 6 flowers, 3 for each side and they really worked out so well. But it did not seem quite right.
That space there to the left felt like it needed 3 more flowers. I had tried putting the flowers at the very end but figured if this hung over the ends of the table, the flowers would get lost and look a little weird. But sadly, I only had a yard of chiffon and I really needed 2 to make another 6 flowers. And 9 cups of coffee to jack me up and keep going.
So in a rare display of crafty resignation...I said it was fine. 
I am way too picky, and I am leaving it the way it is.
So I rolled it up, tied it with more twine, and smiled with the relief of being alllllllll done. :)


  1. lol. it's rare that you can find something that already matches so well with what you have finished! i saw the pic and was like, "holy crap, how did she weave that runner?" gotta love target. and to be honest, i actually like it with just 3 flowers on each end. 6 looked like it might be a little much. good work, pat yourself on the back!!

  2. Awesome! I think it all looks great, but I LOVE your table!! Oh my gosh, your pictures should be in a magazine with that lovely backdrop!

  3. I totally agree about that table! Such a lovely combination. The runner is perfect!

  4. It looks wonderful!! And so lovely pictures!


  5. AHHHH...It felt like such a long time since I had been on here...I had to jump on quick & get my Jess fix :) I have to go back & read up! LOVE the runner! LOVE the soft & rough together! I know you have sooo much going on but you know you need to get that store up & running soon & you will be rolling in the dough...ROLLING! (Kelly just HOPES it won't be all his dough) Oh yeah...we don't have any :)

    Hope you & the fam are doing good! I need to go see what I missed!

  6. You my friend are amazing! Love this.

    weekend hugs to you. xo


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