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April 10, 2011

Painted Number Magnets

So I was in the dollar store for some ribbon today and on my way out I spotted these number magnets. I instantly thought of the light blue can of spray paint at home that had barely enough in it to spray paint something big.  But these would be perfect!
I loved the idea of making them light and bright while making this a little painting project. 
This would make a great kids craft too but I wanted to do it myself. So there. :)
My oldest daughter is learning to count to 100 and these will be fun to use on her letter magnet board.
So I used a bit of spray paint and then got out some pretty paint colors and started decorating them.
It was ridiculously fun. 
Have you ever noticed how coloring and painting is so soothing?  My friend Kelly told me at her previous job, the company actually provided coloring books and crayons if you got too stressed out.  I think that was pretty smart. I would have had a melt down on a daily basis to have a creative outlet and get to color.
Easy peasy...and pretty! 
And it matches my kitchen so they can go on the fridge. It can't get better then that.
Oh look!  I can even use my cookie sheet turned fabric tray!
Yep.  This was fun.


  1. Love it jess! Something to make when the little man gets older. I LOVE your wreath by the way!!!!! Beautiful! You NEED to sell those in your shop when you open it. I would buy one for sure. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Sooo cute. I just love your ideas. Ok, off to find your behavior charts you posted about. It's been one of those weekends. Big sigh! Love BFF

  3. Is that your biff commenting up there? HEY!!!! I love to color. And I love the numbers. How great.

  4. I just read your sweet adoption / birth story! I loved every second of it!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful story and your crafts too!


  5. I totally saw these magnets at the dollar store the other day and just passed them by! I may need to go back... I love the cookie sheet/tray idea too. I have some old, sad cookie trays that could use some new life.

  6. That's awesome! I posted some magnetic letters I made on my blog a few weeks ago - and a cute fabric tray like that would be just perfect!
    ~Bec :-)


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