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July 9, 2011

Pretty & Simple DIY: Flower Centerpieces from the Garden

Stir crazy.  That has been the girls and me.  It has been raining like crazy.  To be honest, the rain is my favorite weather.  I love thunderstorms and curling up with a good book and  a cup of tea in front of the window. Even in the summer!  But when it goes on too long...I get a little restless.
 So yesterday I was looking at all my flowers in the front yard drooping from being sopping wet (I really need to prune them back but it makes me sad every time I do it).  I love all the pink (two shades of pink actually...tee hee) and white. These flowers above are vincas which here in Florida are perennials. They re-seed fast and I got a bunch of them this year. But the blooms are fragile and fall off easily.   
My girls always pick them up off the ground to give their mommy flowers. I put them in this little shallow dish and treasure those flowers from their sweet little hearts. But then I got to thinking and had a little inspiration. What if I did the same thing but gave it more impact by putting several glass vessels together as a centerpiece? 
That might be really pretty and completely FREE!
So I scooped some up and hunted down some glass containers I have on hand.
I trimmed some of the stems for the really shallow dishes (most are votive candle holders) so they could float on the water.
It DOES look pretty! Almost elegant. 
And the clustered glasses together look even better!
This would be such a fast and easy idea for a spontaneous dinner party or get together. I like the idea of placing them on a coffee table with some candles for a pretty display. 
I love simple, pretty, and free!
What do you think?  What would YOU do?

PS.  I have more picnic party ideas coming soon!

Hugs and have a great weekend my sweet friends!


  1. These are so pretty! I was wishing for some of these cute flowers while we were down in Alabama. But no luck, no vincas around up here ;) So I will just have to enjoy yours! I am working on party stuff today too! I wish Roo would take a few naps so I could have 2 hands for awhile to knock some stuff out....keep those picnic ideas coming! I LOVE 'em Jess!

  2. Pretty, pretty!! I have two shades of pink & white vincas in my front flowerbed this year too!! Girl...we must be soul sisters for sure!! Can't wait to see more of your picnic party ideas!!

  3. That makes for such a Refreshing Centerpiece...Would be beautiful for weddings also... I have some Farming Friends who are in DESPERATE need of rain...their crops are drying up and dieing...and many of them depend on their crops to put up cans for the winter... Please pray that He might send some of that their way...As they are in a Dry and Thirsty land...

    I just posted it out in the mail you should be getting in withing a few days... :)

    May your weekend be blessed

  4. So pretty! I am so with you on rainy days, I love them. We haven't had any for a couple weeks now and everything is dry and crunchy! If you wanted to send some of yours north...we'd gratefully accept!


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