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July 12, 2011

Pretty Paper Party Things

Hi sweet friends!
(say that title 5x really fast...Pretty Paper Party Things.  So fun)

Today I have some more party ideas!
I have put together some paper type projects and I am excited to share them with you.  

Since we are having a picnic during a Florida will be a tad warm.  So what better idea is there then to make some girly fans!!
I hunted down a bracket frame image I liked, enlarged the image to make a paddle type fan and printed it out on card stock to be a sturdy template.  I used 8 x 8 scrapbook card stock paper which fit it perfectly.  I tried using 12 x 12 but I could only get one fan from the sheet and I felt that was a waste of paper.
I traced the template on the back of each sheet, cut it out and hot glued each one to a craft popsicle stick.
    SO EASY!  Took me one nap time to get it all done. :)

Here is a template to make your own.
Click here to download
Now our girly guests will be able to feel cool and say things like..."I declare!" in a southern accent.
(of which I do NOT have though many others say I do)

I am probably crazy for wrapping up utensils but I really think it adds an extra detail to a party to make it special. It also lets me buy inexpensive napkins and by wrapping them with 4 inch doilies and tying them off with makes for a lovely presentation.
I have to be honest that I was pretty much over the 4th of July Mason Jar Sippy Cups I made.  I loved them but I was excited to do something else with them for this party! I had an idea and I went on a hunt and was so happy with what I found at Michael's in the scrapbook section...plastic paper. How genius is that? And it is SO PRETTY! I figured y'all would like to see my revamped jars...
I loved how the one sheet looks like lace and the other with dainty pink flowers.  Perfect for my party theme and they are both clear and see through. The lace one reminds me of  overhead projector sheets.  Wow, that must age me, right? If you are wondering...I am 35. :)  The pink flowered one is more thick and opaque.  But perfect!
So I traced and cut the circles out and I am re-loving the jars again.  LOVING THEM! And no mess too.

If the plastic paper thing was not to be found, I was going to hunt for plastic placemats or something.  But I LOVE the look of these and I am so happy with how they turned out!

Happy Tuesday sweet friends!
♥ XOXO ♥


  1. Sweet ideas! I always wrap utensils for large group parties,it is so convenient and easy!

  2. love the mason jar lids, again... love the fans! oh your on facebook!! I have been contemplating doing a facebook business page, I"m scared no one will like me :( I like yours though! when I get some time I will have to sit down and figue it out.

  3. I have some of that flowered paper! Soooo cute with the lace too! Kate keeps chnging her jars up too & everytime they are such a big with with the kids!

    Keep the party coming! Never too much party details :)

  4. So pretty!! Especially love the plastic paper for your mason jar revamp!! Gorgeous!!

  5. SOOOOOO pretty! Thanks for sharing these!!

  6. Oh, I LOVE the vintage style hand fan...and the thoughtfully wrapped utensils...Now on the mason jars that is just simply ADORABLE...You know what I will be looking for the next time I go to Michael's...To bad those aren't canning supplies because that would sure be pretty... : )Oh and I remember the overhead projectors.... I actually use to LOVE it when the teachers would pull those out...

  7. I love love all of these ideas! Would you care to share the image you used for the fans? Perhaps even the link to the enlarged one you created? :)

  8. Hi Shauna! I will absolutely share the bracket frame image for you. I will scan it in and add it to this post. I meant to do that anyway and completely forgot. So happy you reminded me! :)

  9. Thanks so much Jessica! I just printed it out;) I've pinned your post pics on pinterest;)

  10. PLASTIC PAPER?!?!?! Where was this post on the fourth when I was frantically searching for something to use instead of paper paper because it isn't sturdy enough for my son???

  11. Wow, more great ideas! I just love the bracket shape for the fans, and the doily wrapped utensils are oh so cute too!

  12. Jessica, LOVE that plastic paper! I ran out today and bought some! I really like the mason jar lids, but what else has your crafty brain come up with to use that paper? Can't wait to hear!


  13. Such beautiful projects!!! You always amaze me girl! If the girls are going to fan themselves and say "I declare!" then you have to serve Mint Juleps too. (non alcoholic ones of course!)

  14. omg so lovely! will share in my FB page!

  15. I am not sure where to start! Fans are fantastic and mason jars are magnificent... really wonderful ideas Jessica...

  16. Sweet ideas!!!! beautiful projects.

  17. What a lovely party favour idea. Especially good for Australian summers which are pretty hot and humid. Thanks for the template Jessica. :)

  18. It's a long shot that I could find that paper since this was a year ago but where did you buy the flower paper in the picture of the fan by itself?
    I love your site and have been reading it all morning!

  19. I can't download your fan template :(

    Is there any other way to do it than using Google drive?


  20. Hi Jess
    I just wanted to say today Feb 17th i never stay up late it 1:47am.I felt led to come and look for craft idea since I am a newbee at this crafting and I came across your infertilaty story I cried so much as I read it it just ministerd to my spirit.Just know that God works in amazing funny ways I truly feel he wanted me to find your testamony ! We have been trying for 1&1/2 we got married 2 yr ago and wanted to start trying 6 months into the marriage and just found out my tube are clog but I know my God is bigger than that and he is able! But lately I been feeling discourage since Iam older,..The funny thing is my Pastor has been preaching on radical faith and I thank you for your story and praise God he lead me to it I just want a baby girl or if a healthy baby at this point with my husband blue eye and my curly hair I know he able Thank You soooo much I pray nothing but all of God Best for you and your family. Lisa Tetlow


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