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November 10, 2011

Pom Pom + Washi Tape Gift Tags

So my preoccupation with all things yarn continues.  And as most of you probably already know...making a pom pom can be rather addicting.  They are so fun, so colorful, and I thought to myself...something this fun should be on a stick. Seriously, aren't things cuter on a stick?
So that is just what I did.  
After gluing them on lollipop sticks I added some washi tape for a sweet little message.
{Oh and I have already made several sets of these for my soon to happen shop!}
I also decided that making little pockets on a gift would crank up the cuteness factor.  
To make the pockets I used leftover paint chips.
 I used washi tape and double sided tape to secure the pockets.
 This one I just folded over and taped the edges but left a little space by the fold for the stick to slide into.
So fun!
 But of course my favorite is with a little bit of simplicity.
Just taping it to the gift with some extra washi tape.
This makes me happy. :)

Would any of you be willing to purchase gift tags like these? 
(I'm curious) :)
I know I would which is why I made them.  And I really don't mind sharing them with you.
It's more fun to share.


  1. Your right it's always fun to share! And yes I would buy some;) I think anybody would;) very cute idea Jess! Love the colors.

  2. Oh SO CUTE!!! I Would Absolutely Buy Some!!!!

  3. Breathless. I think these are the world cutest little things ever! I know my son and his cousins would carry these around long after the gift opening on Christmas eve.

  4. They are adorable! I would totally buy them!


  5. I would definitely buy these!!! They are so stinkn' cute! I need me some Washi tape! Where in the world does everyone find it? I'd never even heard of it until recently...

  6. Definitely, I would purchase some! Who could resist!?!
    I am new to your blog and all ready you are my favorite.
    Thank you for everything that you post.

  7. That is just too cute, love it! ;)


  8. Super cute idea! Love the pockets on the white wrapping paper! Brilliant!

  9. A pocket on a gift with something so cute in it! That is too, too fun!

    Buy some? Well, even though I adore tham, knowing me, I would probably try to make one myself instead of buying one. (Just being honest.) ♥

  10. Super-duper CUTE!! Love that washi tape! I never even heard of washi tape until I started following your blog! Where do you buy it?

  11. I would not buy these cuz I'd be trying to make my own. But I know lots and lots of people who love to buy cute gift wrapping stuff. So so so cute.

  12. as ALWAYS picture perfect!!!!! can you hear the applause coming from Jersey!!!!!! another home run for your score card!!!!!!!!!! you are just simply amazing! hugs...

  13. ps...would absolutely purchase these cuties!!!! OPEN an Etsy shop my friend!!!!! you will rock at it! : ) hugs....

  14. Love it! Very Cute! I am a new follower! ~KM

  15. Yes- love them! However if you could do in traditional red/green combination, I would love even more!! I can picture cute color combinations for every season and holiday!! They are so cute that I want to go pick out the yarn in every combination imaginable and bring it over to your house to make them with you over a pot of coffee while the kiddos play dress up.
    Xo - Jennifer N

  16. I could hardly wait for all my big kids to leave this morning so I could get on here & see what Christmas magic I had been missing!!! Ohhhhh...lil' pom poms! They are sooooo cute! I can't imagine actually taking the time to make them but YES I need some so you kinda HAVE TO sell these babies :) they sure warm up & happy-a-tize those packages! & you know me...I looooove happy!

  17. I'm your newest follower. You are brilliant and fun!

  18. I LA LA LA LA LOOOVE These COLORS!!!! :)
    Cant wait to hear ALL about all the stuff you told me your were up too!!

  19. super cute... and yay on the shop!!!

  20. Seriously Jess! I love these! I am so happy for you and your blog. It is growing so much. You are seriously a crafting genius... up there with martha girl! Miss you

  21. I probably wouldn't, I'd probably just make them myself. But I know a lot of people without my inclination who would!

    Very cute! Off to make pom poms tomorrow :)

  22. Well, isn't that just the cutest? Sure - I'd buy them!

  23. These pom pom tags are adorable!

  24. Really beautiful! I hope you will share this wreath this week over at The cSI Project and any other projects you have using yarn.

    Even if the post is an oldie, they still inspire others.
    Dee, the CSI Girl

  25. Really cute gift tags, and I love the pocket idea! Maybe I'll try this for a bridal shower coming up :-)

  26. Love them! They'd make cute cupcake toppers too.

  27. A pocket on gifts with something so cute in it!


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