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October 23, 2013

Jack-o-lantern Sandwich for Kids

Hey friends.  Is your Fall in full swing like mine?  I have been in the pumpkin-y, Fallish mood so much this year.  I think I am making up for our heat and just pretending its boots weather.  Which I wore the other day in protest of the 89 degree weather.  I may have been sweating like a fool but I like to think I looked like a Fall morning in my beloved boots. ;)

So in my pumpkin-y mood,  I decided to fall up the girls lunch yesterday.  A little cookie cutter and some chocolate chips turned their boring peanut butter sandwiches into cute little jack-o-lanterns!

Grab a large cookie cutter.  I have the 101 cookie cutter set from Wilton that has a zillion holiday themed cutters. Though they are plastic, they are a great alternative to the actual sandwich cutters and you get more for your dollar.  I fought cutting off the crusts for the kids until I realized they eat more of the sandwich if they are not there. Well played, girls.  Well played.

Just press the cutter into your made sandwich and trim off the excess crust.  If you don't get a clean cut, use kitchen shears to cut off the rest.
Add your chocolatey face and you are good to go!
I wrapped mine in plastic wrap so the chips wouldn't fall off when I packed this for their school lunch.
They were so excited and said it was the best lunch everrr!  I need to do this every holiday and season if it makes their precious little hearts this happy. :)


  1. What a fun idea to keep in mind for my sweet Ellie.

  2. You could seriously be the BEST MOM EVER!!!!!

  3. Now who wouldn't be happy to see that in their lunch bag!!! would make me smile too!!! : ) hugs...


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