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August 29, 2009

New Look

I am so excited about this new blog background and header that I can not even see straight!. I am beside myself!! (just got back from Beth Moore simulcast and had to throw in a Bethism)

Yesterday, the girls were playing dress up in these pink, poofy, totally all girl princess dresses and I just started snapping pictures. I wanted to post them but had nothing to write about but theeeeen...

Curiosity got the best of me and I checked out Shabby Blogs which had new goodies which I had been putting off taking a look. Everything on the site is just GORGEOUS so I knew if I just remained loyal to my old layout, all would be status quo and there would be no temptation to change. You give me too much choice and I will overload. And the backgrounds and pretty things are just all so wonderful I can't begin to choose.

But I peeked. And I was NOT disappointed! There I am just ooh and ahhing over all these beautiful bloggy things and then there it was. Drum roll, please. A beacon of light shined straight down from heaven right on the spot on the monitor where I was staring. I am convinced that Megan, the designer of this heaven sent site, had me in mind when including this header. But there was my new header and as sure as I knew I was breathing in and out, I knew my blog was about to get a make-over. A header with TWO SHADES OF PINK??? I immediately got to work and you are now seeing the new look.

So this may happen often. Its like redecorating your favorite room...for free. But I could not help myself; it was too perfect. I am still trying to get the ideal photo but until then, those are my girls in their dress-up, princess dresses just melting my heart all over again.

I just smile and think, ain't it grand to be a girl?

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