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September 3, 2009

Octopus or Hot Dog?

Both! This picture just makes me laugh out loud. This is the dinner I fed Cati last night. I mean look at it. It is a hot dog cut to look like an octopus on top of a bed of leftover buttered noodles, green beans and goldfish crackers. Got the idea from a book on kid's meals from the library. Their picture is so much better and not made with leftovers from the fridge.

Mmmmmm mm.

But before I go on about this hot dog, I must make it abundantly clear that I am totally unable to write my Two Shades of Pink Story on a daily basis. The heart can only take so much. I need to break it up with crafts, tips, or funny things my kids do. And seriously, what better way to follow up a serious post then to have this octopus hot dog be the first thing you see? You have to admit it made you smile or laugh out loud. Or the fact I thought Cati's dinner was a photo op and blog worthy.

Cati had me in stitches while eating this thing. I am in the kitchen washing dishes and I hear her strike up a dialogue with Mr. Octopus.
I don't hear his side but from what she is saying they are so talking to each other.

"Mr. Octopus! You are just so cuuuuuuuuute! There's your eyes and your smiiiiiiiiile!"

"Mommy, look at Mr. Octopus! Isn't he so cute?"

"Yes, Mr. Octopus these are goldfish crackers and they are yummy!"

"Hey, where's Mr. Octopus' face? Where did it go?"

"Where did it gooooooooo? Oh, Mr. Octopus. I so sorry."

"Oh, okaaaaaaay Mr. Octopus. I'll eat you."
Bite. Gulp. Swallow.

Okidokes. Clearly Mr. Octopus was on the ledge and looking for a way to end it all. Sadly, Cati unknowingly assisted in his suicidal demise by succumbing to his incessant pleading to eat him. The remains were found with a partial head intact and 7 legs missing.

Green beans survived the massacre.


  1. Absolutely hysterical.I love the conversation between Cati and the Octo-dog. I am so trying this. Looking for hotdogs as I type. This has got to be the most creative use of food I have ever seen. I'm so glad you took a picture of it!!

  2. thanks - I needed that laugh!! Hysterical - I can't wait to try this with Andrew's next hot dog meal. We may just have to have octopus hot dogs and mac & cheese for dinner tonight. Poor, unsuspecting hubby.

  3. Can you add "Food Fun Friday" to your weekly blog, just like "Two Tips"?

  4. What a riot! I have to try this out on Sam. It's even better than I pictured! Very cute. You are a fun mommy :-)


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