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September 22, 2009

Two Tips Tuesday

Tips #1: 3 Household Items I Could Never Live Without
And neither should you. The reasons are simple and hopefully you are already discovered them to make your life a little simpler.
Baby Wipes: Yes, baby wipes. I use pampers wipes but I like the huggies box. I am high maintenance, I guess. But baby wipes seem to be the best cleaner upper ever for me. I have wiped ball point pen off of my upholstered rocker, cleaned juice spots out s out of my carpet, got stains off clothes, you name it, these suckers are not just for diaper changes and I get panicked when we get low because they do more than double duty on a daily basis.
Corn Starch: But not for cooking. I kid you not, I use it on the days I have not washed my hair but I am too oily to show my face to return those library books. I do not have the time or moola to be schlepping to the store for dry shampoo. Here is the trick if you don't want to look like a costume version of Grandma with powder grey hair. Take a small amount in your hands, rub them together like it was gel to evenly coat your hands and flip your head upside down. Kind of get to the root and rub it in where you are the most oily and just keep rubbing your hands through while upside down. It gives a bit of volume and really works.

Shark Sweeper Vac: Not sure if that is the official name of it but I use this at least 3 times of day to pick up all of Ella's food off the floor, crumbs and whatever else the girls have put on the floor. It is fast, has about 30 minutes worth of juice before you need to recharge and light as a feather. It comes with a short handle to use it on furniture too. You just empty out the little slide-in reservoir there on the side and that's it. Completely helps me out in between vacuuming with the big vacuum.

Tip #2: Don't Start Your Weekly Blog Post the Night Before

Sorry Folks. My computer has been hit with some nasty little bug which is why I have not posted much for the last week. Still trying to figure all this out. This post has taken me one hour to write because it keeps freezing up on me. And sadly, I never scheduled this post last week due to my crazy life and now a sick child. So I owe you for next week. Until then, pray this computer and I make up and become friends again.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Ohmygosh, I almost missed Two Tips!! Love it. Where did you get the sweeper thingy? I really need one. Ok, back to my face planting!! j/k. Do you even get it?

  2. The baby wipe tip has helped me on numerous occassions. Great one to share!
    Must get a shark vac!


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