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September 8, 2009

Two Tips Tuesday

TIP #1 What Do I Do With The Leftover Heels From A Loaf Of Bread?

This may not leave any of you in a state of panic as it does me since I hate to waste ANYTHING. So this is what I do...I use them for breadcrumbs that I can throw in the freezer for later use (like meatloaf) . Not only that, I use a coffee grinder to do it. Yes, I do have a food processor. Love it. Do not love to clean it, however. So I use the grinder for the bread heels and stale bread too.

Bonus Tip: Bread is also a perfect way to clean your coffee grinder if you use it to grind your coffee each day. I personally love fresh ground coffee but I have become simplistic...ok, lazy...and I just buy ground coffee. But throw some bread in your grinder and it cleans it right up. Uncooked rice works great too. Kind of scrubs it out. But I have found bread works perfectly for me. Just make sure it is really clean before doing the bread crumbs, though!

TIP #2 Create A New Look For A Sweater Or Cardigan

This may be daunting for the non-sewer but good news...I really can't sew either. I kind of wing it and I can get pretty impatient about it. But if I need to sew a button back on to a shirt or do a simple project, I do OK. So I have some sweaters, cardigans,and shrugs that I can get bored with and want to give it some new life. Here are some examples...

I love this little cardigan and I found it on crazy clearance but it had this bling bling, Rhinestone button (see it below in my hand) that was totally not the look I was after. So I bought it anyway and replaced the button with something more toned down like the one above.

Seriously, don't you think I would have been so hot all blinged out with this sparkly button? Um, no. So glad I changed it. But I have kept the button wondering how it can come in handy in the future.

Here is another inexpensive purchase but the buttons always bugged me. The white buttons always made it look like what I paid for it.

I put these chunky, brown ones on but I still don't like it. I think I need really funky, crazy unique ones for this one. It still says BLAH to me. But you get my point of this tip and that should be my focus here.


This black sweater was purchased at Target because I needed it for some reason that escapes me at the moment. It had these iridescent, shell buttons that drove me crazy. Can you tell I have an issue purchasing things with buttons I do not like but I still purchase them? It's ridiculous.


On this one I just removed the three buttons but instead of replacing all three, I replaced the top button with a ribbon. I used black to maintain the integrity of the look but I really like how this one ended up turning out. If I wanted to make it a little fancier, I would have used a silky or satin type ribbon to dress it up. The possibilities are just limitless.

Hope you enjoy these tips and I welcome comments or tips of yours too! Happy Tuesday!

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  1. hey found your blog via shabby blog I think....(I have 3 kids, enough said right) and am looking at your Two Tips Tuesday and love this one. Love them all!!! I'll have to come back when I post about the gift I am making for our Cubbies, great tip for how to make your own notepads, I think you will dig it!!!!!


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