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September 29, 2009

Two Tips Tuesday

Tip #1: Fun Web Sites & Goodies to Check Out
Kid in a candy store. Giddy. Like finding out a surprise or fun secret.

That is me when I stumble on a blog or website that is just so me. When I learn about new stuff to purchase with money I do not have. Or waste time To buy a gift. Or a treat for me. Or just have lots of fun. So I want to share the wealth. Now understand you may have heard of some if not all of these sites or stuff. But this is also a window into me, what I like and maybe you will like it too!
I hope I can do this more often. Maybe some of you can share the wealth and tell me about some fun stuff you think I might like too. I recently had a good friend email me a website for ideas to get creative with food. Oh, yes. That is a mighty good friend who knows what I would like.
Here we go...

I love Jackson Pollock though I have been smug enough to think I can paint just like this but I can never pull it off. This site is fun because it is like a stress reliever. Kids love it too. You just move the mouse after you enter the site and you are an artist! Each click is like a dip into another color of paint.

This little gem of a web site is near and dear to my heart because it is located in NC where hubby and I moved from. Hubby is a good ole boy but I grew up in MD though NC is home to me. I went to college there. Anyway. This site is awesome because you can make your own fabric downloading your own designs or ones from the web. Or you can pick from theirs. It is so cool and worth checking out!
This web site has the happiest stuff for kids. My faves are the dolls and little knit hats for girls. Most of their stuff is hand knitted and just adorable. Great gifts or just some cute patootie stuff for your own kiddos.

Trapp Private Candles
OK. These candles are to die for. I discovered them in this little shop in the downtown area where I live. This shop is no longer there but it sold great shabby and coastal cottage type furniture which I love. But in this little corner of the place they had these candles and they usually had one burning. The scent was heavenly! My favorite is Sexy Cinnamon. I know, risque name but who cares. And by the way, it does NOT smell like cinnamon. It was unlike anything I ever smelled and it is just wonderful. Pricey but worth it...soooooooo worth it.

This is a fun little tool where you can down load their program to your computer and then send invitations, photo albums, recipes, cards, etc online. It is like having your own personal e-card store on your computer. You can pay for the card or send it for free which will just have ads attached and be a bit smaller. Look at my post titled Happy Birthday to my girls to see the invitation I used from Smilebox for their party.

I love this site because they have beautiful announcements and invitations that you can have them do or you can do from home on your printer. They also have other goodies like party stuff. It is a lot of fun to just browse.

Tip #2: Kid Designed Mailing and Return Address Labels
I truly love this because it adds such a whimsical touch to your mail. Plus, it is from your children which makes it just plain sweet. It is guaranteed to elicit a smile from the receiver. The other bonus is that older kids can do this too. Here is what you do...

Grab some address, shipping and return address labels. Use colored pencils or crayons (since they are light) and have them go to town scribbling, drawing, or even going for a themed look for older kids. Drawing houses, holiday or seasonal drawings, favorite things...whatever. When they are done, you just print them out on your computer. All your Christmas addresses, birthday party invitations, or just return addresses from you or just your children.

Other ideas...

  • The labels can become homemade stickers
  • They can be names to put on tags for gifts
  • Labeling cups and belongings at school or church
  • Labels for organizational purposes in bedrooms or playrooms
  • Teaching about mail and giving them some fun sending letters

BONUS TIP!!! (I owe you from last week): Handy Trash Bags

I think having children can either make you less or more organized. Depends upon the circumstances or situation. I think I have improved in some areas but fall way short of the mark in others. But I have mastered a new kind of art...being more organized in anticipation of being un-organized. For I have mentioned before, timeliness is not high on my list of organizational togetherness. So sometimes I am organized enough to have food already thrown together in a bag for inevitable tardiness. So the girls can have lunch in the car on the way to swim lessons, church, AWANA cubbies or whatever we are doing. While being late.

But every single time I don't have a trash bag. Makes me crazy. And I don't want to have bags everywhere in the car. So my idea for this is to find a nifty, zip closure bag to stuff a bunch of grocery or trash bags in and leave it in your car door or glove compartment. That way, you won't be without one. Now I just have to be organized enough to remember to refill it.

I fit 8 trash bags in this 5 x 8 inch bag. Love, love simple conveniences.

Have a fabulous Tuesday friends!

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  1. I love your two tip tuesdays! Yes, I am a newbie to your blog and I adore it! Thanks for sharing.


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