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September 1, 2009

Two Tips Tuesday

Tip #1 Make Your Own Craft Box

Recently, I made this craft box for a good friend of mine who has two little girls like I do! She had read the post about making an easy flower mobile and said she needed to make a craft box and then we could swap ours to see how many things we could make out of them. I thought this was a great opportunity to give her one and shop as if it were my own. What fun I had stocking this girly pink and brown storage box. It just folds flat when not in use and I loved the idea of how much room it has. I made a cute label for the front, went to the dollar store (I know. They need to pay me for how much I talk about that place) and had a glorious, retail adventure. All while answering Cati's incessant questions of, "Mommy, what's this? Mommy can I have this?"

So cute, right? I want one. My box is a plastic container. Grrrr...

Here's the inside. This is what I bought since you can't see everything...

Foam bookmarks
Foam ABC letter stickers
Foam Sheets
Foam Beads
Foam Photo Album Craft
Wooden Butterfly Craft
Pastel Pom Poms
Colored Construction Paper
Pretty Printer Paper
Craft Scissors (for Mommy)
Kid's Scissors
Glue Sticks
White Paint
Paint Brushes

If they had them, I would have added pipe cleaners, ribbon, etc. So much more you can put in there and it is a great starter box. I was kind of excited that it was such a fun gift! Now I want it!

Tip #2 Convenient Paint Storage

I don't remember where I read this in a magazine, but a mom had given a great tip of putting paints into a pill box. It was a really great way to store the paints too because you can close it up when you are done and still reuse the leftover paint after you are finished. I thought this was so brilliant and had to pass it along here. The dollar store can once again deliver and they even sell the enormous pill boxes for even more storage. Love, love, love this tip!

Hope you enjoyed today's arts and crafts tips. Just so you know, if you are not the craft type these are still good tips to encourage your kids to get crafty and creative. You might get into it too!

Have I told you I just love Tuesdays?

P.S. I wrote this post last week and scheduled it for today. So over the weekend I could not resist and I had to upgrade my own craft box. I coveted my gift and surrendered . What can you do? This is my totally cute and new craft box! It even matches my bedroom where I keep it from curious yet destructive, little hands.


  1. Ok, I NEED a craft box. So much cooler than the plastic storage bin in the kitchen cabinet! Love the filler ideas too. :-)

  2. I love love love my craft box!!! And such a good bribe for the kiddos, they look at it like it's the treasure of the universe! I can tell them they can't peek into it if they don't behave, and they straighten right up! This thing has so many uses!! Thank you, thank you!!!


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