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September 15, 2009

Two Tips Tuesday

TIP #1 Easy Decor on the Cheap!

Some of you may not be crafty but I really think these projects are verrrry easy. And they are not expensive to do. Gotta love that. As you may already know, I rent. So I have to live with a lot of things I do not like about my house. We try not to paint walls though I wish we could. We have lived here 5 1/2 would think I would update a bit. But I always think we are 30 days away from moving...or so I hope.
Here is one idea with letters...In Ella's room I had to get really creative because there is no closet and there is also a door in there to the patio. I had to get storage baskets for the built in shelf that takes up the whole wall and the tiny room has two windows. So there is hardly any wall space. I wanted Ella's name in letters in there although I cringe because that seems to be in every child's room everywhere. Nothing wrong with that but I strive to be different. So what I did was buy letters in different font types and then covered them in scrap book paper that coordinated with the bedding. It ended up really cute. I painted the sides for contrast and placed them on top of the bookcase leaning against the wall.

This is the light switch in Ella's room. It is the ugly taupe color like the switches. Again, I rent and why should I replace these? I know. Because they are ugly and old. Anyway, I decoupaged tissue paper on the switch plate. That's it. You can do a zillion things with a switch plate. But that can be for another day.

This project cost me $5. The trick is to plan and know what you are looking for. I bought the frames at the place where everything is a dollar. I think if I write dollar tree one more time, my entire blog will spontaneously delete itself. The key was to find 8 x 10 frames with mattes already in them which I did. So each frame was $1. They are not high quality but I could care less because they were going on a wall.

So here is what you need:

5 frames with mats (I think these were frames for certificates or awards)
4 x 6 scrapbooking matte size papers in coordinating patterns (or other decorative paper)
Faux botanicals (I had an arrangement in a vase and I just snipped tiny blooms off with scissors)
Hot glue gun

All I did was create a uniform arrangement of pictures for my guest room. Which is now Ella's room. I was inspired by something I saw in a catalog. Some company that rhymes with Lottery Yarn.

TIP #2 Menu Planner & Cleaning Schedule
Do you ever have weeks where hubby comes home and you have no idea what to make for dinner? Maybe due to an empty fridge? Because this is me at least 3 days a week. So this is what I try to do and when I stay on works.
First, I plan a weekly menu and I use this little handy pad on the side of my fridge...

I write what I want to make in each weekday slot and then put in the memo section the food I need to pick up at the grocery to be able to make the meals for that week. This helps me stay focused when I go grocery shopping and not over buy and ensure I have all the ingredients for my weekly meals.
I made this list years ago and I love it because it helps me stay on track. And I love lists because I love to scratch off the things I get done. I think I love it too much. I laminated it (I loser)and use a dry erase marker to check off the things I cleaned for that day. I broke it down into categories that were easy for me. Do you like the title too? Just in case I momentarily forgot who's cleaning checklist it was I felt the need to title it with my name.
Another way to do it is do a room a day. Bedrooms on Monday, Kitchen Tuesday, Bathrooms Wednesday, etc. Organization Day is for cleaning out the fridge or closets, washing curtains, going behind the fridge or washing machine. That kind of thing. Big jobs...for hubby to help with...okay, for him to do.
Now. I am going to wish you a Happy Tuesday like I always do. But you have to understand the sadness I feel when no one comments on Two Tips Tuesday. Could ya just leave a comment just once? Please? I mean, I think these are good tips but I get no love on Tuesdays. Yet, I will hear amazing things later by email or in person. So what gives? Just be anonymous. Lie to me. Tell me you hate it. But show me something. I am begging you. Shamelessly.

Happy Tuesday. Just click right there below where it says 0 comments. Be number 1. It feels good.


  1. Hey Jess,
    OK, so I am finally posting something! You are so creative and organized:) I love your ideas...very inspiring. Let's plan to get together at my place Thursday morning. Let me know if that works for you. Have a fabulous day girlfriend!

  2. aw... does it feel as good to be #2?? I guess I'll soon find out. I love the letters you did for Ella's room AND the botanical prints. Very cool. And how about this: I have almost the exact same cleaning checklist and the weird thing is that I printed it up in the SAME FONT! We are truly soul sisters!

  3. How about #3?? How does that feel?!?! Love the tips. The prints are way too cool, I'm very impressed. And I love the letters. Would not have thought about getting different fonts, but I love the finished look. Sad to say, I have no cleaning checklist. But if you'd like to take your checklist to my house, I'd be glad to title it anything you want!!

  4. I'm #4! I'm #4! This feels right too. I am used to #1 but I can live with #4. But I must confess...getting your comments feels a tad artificial after coercing you and guilting you into it. Then, at the same time I feel powerful. Not sure what makes me feel will comments or the ones that I can make happen with a mere sentence...OK. So, so, so kidding. Thanks for your encouragement and sweet words my bloggy friends!

  5. You are too organized- I just don't relate!!! haha
    Love the letters- will have to copy you

  6. Ok, I'm totally going to do the frame thing tomorrow. Why don't I come over around 10am and we can go to our favorite store and you can help me buy what I need and help me actually do it! I can buy the stuff all day long, then it sits in a pile and never gets done. I get so motivated on Tuesdays - two tips, then I lack the follow through. I have a committee meeting for event in December at 8:30am then I am heading right over.

  7. Oh and by the way - yes, you are totally pimping for comments! luv u.

  8. I'm feeling very fortunate to be the proud owner of my own set of those prints! I get more compliments on those than almost anything else in the house. I love your creativity! I need to utilize your checklist and your menu planner. I'm much more likely to accomplish it all if it's written down. I'm really getting into the Tuesday tips and look forward to next week! Kelly


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