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March 7, 2010

I Think Presents in the Mail are the Best Kind.

Seriously, how much do I love presents? 

They make me so happy and probably more so than they should.  I even try to manipulate ways to get more.  For example, my birthday is June 25th.  EXACTLY 6 months from Christmas Day. Which makes Christmas my half birthday. Each and every year I think I argue an excellent point that this momentous occasion requires a bonus gift.  In all my thirty-mmmmthhbb  years, I have never, EVER gotten this bonus gift. This is just plain wrong.

But I just got the most fabulous gift the other day from a dear friend I have met out here in blogland.  I just love her, her genuine faith, and her transparent vulnerability.  But what drew me in initially?  Like a moth to the proverbial flame?  

She makes handbags.

I tell you, there is nothing more endorphin releasing for me than a new handbag.  And I have a wide range of tastes.  I like designer bags all the way down to those cute little handmade totes used at the grocery store. I love anything that is useful and beautiful all at the same time.  It is just too much goodness to behold when beauty is put to use.  And what better example than a handbag?

When I first visited Prudence at A Vintage Mom, I saw her first Lollibag. She uses vintage materials and her amazing skills to produce these lovelies. And I was so taken with them that I instantly became a follower with a comment that went something like, "You had me at 'I make handbags.'"

So the other day I left another comment drooling all over another one of her creations and she wrote me to tell me she was sending me one and to pick whatever one I liked.  As a gift.  Just because.

I chic squealed at my computer screen and then we proceeded to have an email marathon because I could not choose.  Choice is difficult for me and apparently it is for Prudence.  We decided going out to eat together would never work because we still would be deciding on our food as they lock the doors.

This is the one I finally chose which I received while down and out with sickness in my bed:


Oh, such glorious, ruffle-y, feminine, vintage, fabulousness all smooshed together in this beautiful handbag.

I sigh in blissful content.

So Prudy girl.  Know that your thoughtful gift is treasured so much.

Oh and know this.  I am plugging her because I WANT TO.  She just did this out of the kindness of her heart but I can't let  you miss out on meeting her.
Go visit Miss Talented Prudence here or check out her Etsy shop, lollipookiesoap chock full of other beautiful things too.

Here are ones that I love...

 These colors make me so happy.
Another great lollibag.  The ric-rac and red dot ribbon give this one such character.
Check out these fun zippers!  I have seen so many zipper flowers and things out there but this is just too fun! Edgy and sweet all at the same time. 
 (I think this lollibag may be my next purchase.  This is soooo me!)
 So pretty and fun.
Another happy necklace.

There are so many more but check them out for yourself. 

Now I am going to go put stuff in my new bag and pretend I am going somewhere.  Which I am not, with me now deeming this home "THE HOUSE OF THE ILL."

My poor baby girl got it today.  At least she is last.

Have a great day, friends!


  1. I am chuckling, giggling at you... your excitment over this is endearing. Thank you friend for the promo. Carry your Lollibag with "I am woman hear me roar" attitude! So glad I met you Jess!

  2. Love the bags!!! Now I have to check out the blog for sure.

    Sorry you are sharing the yuckies. I feel your pain. No seriously, I do. They showed up here last night, ready to party face down in the loo.

  3. Love you bags, but would love an update even more!!

  4. Love, love, love the zipper bag. Thanks for sharing!

  5. HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!! Prudence definitely deserves your marketing ...SO FUN!

    And YES there is nothing like a present in the mail...and JUST BECAUSE is EVEN BETTER!!! = )


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