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March 5, 2010

I Did NOT mean to be Literal!

About the throwing up thing. I was just kidding.

But perhaps the Spirit of God was moving within me to declare a warning.  A warning that I would find myself at 1 am in the bathroom with a trash can in my lap, and...ahem...performing other most uncomfortable evacuations.


I even sustained a hurling back injury! Is there such a thing?  My amazing husband took the day off to take care of me and good thing because Cati started throwing up by mid-morning.  I have read so many of your blogs and it seems there are MANY of you dealing with this as it cycles through your family.  

But the best part about it is I was so uncomfortable that I was unable to obsess about whether or not our offer was going to be accepted.  We were too busy cleaning couch cushions and clothes because of poor Cati. And it is now 4:15 pm and we still have not heard anything.  So as I type these words I don't have a clue what the answer is.

So I am going to push this handy dandy save button and wait until I hear the final answer...You are getting up to the minute info, fun!

UPDATE: 8:52 pm.  We have heard nothing! This is torture!  Apparently, we won't find out until tomorrow.  We pray this is in our favor that they have needed time to mull it over.  DO NOT STOP PRAYING!

I will post tomorrow and let you know.  If I make it through the night.


  1. I keep checking back!!!!! :)

  2. I know all too well what it is like to wait to find out if you have the house of your dreams. Just imagine the outcome is the way you want...and it will be... good luck I will pray for you frances

  3. Seriously, I would rather have pneumonia than throw up. But, I suppose if it took your mind off of worrying maybe it was worth it...though probably not.

  4. I seriously cannot wait. Please call me when you find out - please.

  5. Oh sweet girl...I hate that you and your little gal are pukey. As for not hearing yet, I bet they are praying to.

    I am praying for you, as always!

  6. Praying! And gosh I hope you feel better soon, that is no fun!!

  7. U have a very lovely layout.. i like it!

  8. Oh no! It is a rough one this year(flu). Just checking in for news :) Can't wait! Still praying!


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