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March 31, 2010

A Sweet Garden

I just love Easter.  Celebrating the Risen Savior.  My Savior.  And to be honest, I can sometimes cringe at the commercialization of this day since it is the crux of what I believe.  My salvation, my faith would be for naught if it was not for the resurrection of my King, Jesus.

But my childhood is full of the sweet memories of dying Easter eggs, egg hunts, pretty dresses and traditional Spring bonnets.  So I want my children to experience these wonderful joys at the beginning of Spring while remembering the reason why we celebrate.

All of my family live up north and I feel it keenly each holiday.  But we have made amazing friends here in Florida and my best friend makes us a part of their family each Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  And there are a gazillion kids.  Like 15-20 each year.  So we have this mega Easter egg hunt and we split up the little kiddies and the big kiddies. This year there are only TWO little kiddies.  Her son and my Ella.  Well that's no fun! So I got a fun idea to add to their little egg hunt.

Now I know that this idea is not new to make these lollipop flowers but I got this idea in my head today.  I could make these little flower lollipops and stick them in the grass like a little field of flowers for the kids to pick like a real garden. Won't that be just the cutest thing? Have no idea if this idea is already out there so I thought I would tell all you lovely friends.

This is also nice in case you may have little ones who only crawl or toddle to have a fun thing to do.  No one wants our cutie patooties to get trampled.  At the very least, this will make an amazing photo op!

All you need are lollipops, scrapbook flowers or make your own with a template and some pretty paper.

I just made a tiny slit in the back with a craft knife.  You can use scissors or just jam that lollipop  right through the paper.  Whatever will get the job done.

 There you have it!  This took me 5 minutes to do all of them.

I put them in a pretty pot to put on my table until Sunday (and torture the girls a little).  Easier to transport too. 

Let me know if you do this and take lots of pictures so I can see them!  I will show you mine next week!

Lots of love to all of you!


  1. What a great Idea! SO cute! I'm thinking I might to this for my daughter's birthday party aswell!

  2. stole the idea and already made them w/ those foam flowers I told you I had....I think I'm going to "plant" mine in the grass and set Peyton in the middle of them and see what she does w/ them. W/ my luck, she'll eat the real grass instead of the suckers!

  3. Oh my word, I actually think this is something I will do. I love all your ideas, but as you know, I lack the follow through, BUT THIS, THIS is adorable and I have never seen it before. I think I'm going to do this. Ok, now, where do I get the cool paper and is there a place I can get the flowers already to go and cut out? Love you!

  4. Jessica! So cute! See you still have ideas ooooozing out! I don't think I told you but I totally used your craft organizer-marker holder thingy & I LOVE IT!!! So does Annie!

    But anyway I can't wait to see pics of the hunt! the flowers will be a hit!

  5. How cute! Can't wait to try this sometime. It would be fun for Easter or any spring/summer event.

    Hope all is well for you. A blessed Easter to you and your sweet family.

  6. too cute! love the idea of putting them in the yard! They would be great for birthday party favors!! =)

  7. Oh, these turned out sooo cute! So excited for Sunday. This is a great addition to the hunt. The kids will LOVE it and I bet the big kids may even be a little jealous! Hugs, Kelly

  8. hi mrs. jessica its me bella. i just wannted to tell you that me and mommy did that sweet garden. and i also had a old flower pot from preschool, and it had a popsical stick with two colors (i chose pink and blue) and you get a white flower pot(small) and get the same colors you used for the flowrer put one flower regular and another one side ways or upside down.
    and glue them togehter. and then get a pitcher of Ella or Kati and cut it in a small circal anc glue the pitcher on the flowers and then glue the popcical stick to the back of the flowers and then go to michaels to get some rings like that have little points and get some paint that matches the flowers and dab the rin gs in a plate of paint and dab the paint rings on the flower pot. and then you know the like the stuff you put at the bottem part of the pot. and sick the moss on top of the fake grass you put at the bottem of the pot and then stick the flower thing in the moss and then what i did i used the left over lollypops and i stuck them in the moss and then your done.

    bye happy easter
    from bella

  9. Great idea! Hope you had a blessed and restful Easter!!


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