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March 6, 2010

Sigh. does not look good.

They countered at a price we just can't afford.  We are going to go back with a last offer that puts a bit out on a limb but we know we can do it.  We will just be tight for a little while. 

I am actually surprised I am not lying in a heap all depressed.  I think I really am truly trusting God with this one.  His "no" in this seems so reassuring.  Like, He is whispering, "Wait, beloved.  I have something for you but wait on me."

It may mean this house or another one.  Who knows?  He does.

I promise to keep you posted and please do not stop praying.  You are wonderful friends.

I am off to comfort and care for my husband who has caught this nasty little bug and it has hit him the hardest.  He is so weak and he can't stop throwing up.  Pray for him too!  Just pray us up all over the place!

Oh, here is a pic of the house you were praying for...isn't it cute? Oh well. 

Hugs to you all for being so thoughtful and sweet!


  1. Hi, I dont remember how I cam across you blog, but I love it.
    My friend and her husband recently purchased their first house. They were also bidding against another person. My friend went out on a limb and wrote the family who was selling it a letter, telling them about their family and how they would take good care of their home and guess what? Even though the other people made an offer $1200 more than theirs, my friend and her husband got the house :)

    Im praying for your family, hope everything works out, it usually does.

  2. OH Jess! I am right here with you all the way. Thinking about you guys and praying for you! Please do the same for me today while I host 7 little girls for Bella's sleepover birthday.

  3. awww. sweet friend! He does know best! i'm so sorry that you all have been so sick! i'm praying, praying, praying things turn around for the better! maybe you all needed the bonding moment!

  4. hang in there! I'm so happy to read that you have God's peace, and that you know He has a wonderful home in store for you whether it be this one or not. Are you feeling all better already? hopefully hubby will too.

  5. I'm sorry it doesn't look good. :(
    But I'm glad that God has given you peace with his 'No'. He is so gracious. May you continue to feel his presence throughout this stressful time.

  6. Hey Jessica-saw that you were featured on 'ShabbyBlogs' so I wanted to stop by. Your blog is adorable! I wish you all the best in your search for THE house--and you're right- God DOES have everything working together for your good. :)Yay! Just like He knew the plan for you, and your 2 beautiful daughters.I'm adding your button to my blog-come by and visit!
    God Bless!

  7. Jess ~ I am praying for the boy to feel better soon. You are a good wife. As for the house, I am still praying. It's not over yet. Love you little sister!


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