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May 31, 2011

Magnetic Kid's Art Tray

I feel almost silly writing this post not knowing if you will think it is a pretty good idea or a little boring.  But since I made it for my girls I figured I would share it and let you be the judge.

I have been trying to plan activities for my kids this summer and though we like to be outside...Florida summers can be tough.  And since I am no stranger to a craft or two, I wanted to plan some craft ideas for the girls this summer.  But I also need to get organized because they lose interest quickly.  By the time I set it all up they are done with whatever craft they are doing. Especially painting.  So I decided to make a paint tray with all their supplies at the ready so I can take it out and put it away FAST.  
First, I started off by buying 2 casserole pans from the dollar tree and spray painted them white.
(The cups are from Ikea and the buckets are from the $1 section at Target)

I used a stencil and painted their names onto each tray.  I even gave the letters a coat of glitter paint because all girls need accessories with glitter. Glitter also covers up the fact that I am not a very good painter.
This is also the poor man's method for those of us who don't own a Silhouette and actually go old school stenciling and painting our letters on stuff. 
Next, I hot glued some magnets to both the water cup and paint tray so that they would stay put during our painting sessions. It does not guarantee ZERO spills but I like to think it is more stable.
See?  Ella likes the magnet fun.
Me too.
Personalized Painting Trays + Organization = Happy Mommy and Happy Kids.


  1. I think my kids would LOVE this!! We are always misplacing sidewalk chalk!! This would help keep those necessary tools close by and easy to find. Not only that but it encourages a favorite life lesson of mine- help your mom keep the house/yard clean!! They can carry it themselves and if it tips, nothing spills= less frustration!! I could see making one for outdoor stuff like bubbles, chalk, shovel, my kids love foam brushes for the water table... GREAT IDEA!

  2. Ok, this idea is genius. I love that it stays put in the tray and they love that mom actually lets them paint. PERFECT. Home run. You win. I'm gonna do this. :)

  3. You are a super smart mommy! I can't count how many times my little boy has spilled, or intentionally dumped, the water while water coloring. I've gotta make one of these :)

  4. Nice! I love this. I do crafts with my 3 grandkids and I might just have to make one for each of them. They will love the magnetic appeal, for sure.

  5. I LOVE this idea and I'm doing it. My daughter is always spilling her bowls and cups and I want to make a nice outdoor tray for her for the summer and I love the idea of adding the magnets to some of her bowls. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

  6. SILLY....No Way...This is absolutely FABULOUS!!!! I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of Mommy's Buying Cake pans...Too Fantastic...Thanks for sharing it with us....

  7. GENIUS! We aren't quite ready for trays, but I am totally inspired to put magnets on the bottom of our paint cups and our easel paint cup tray! This is going to be great! Thanks girl!

  8. Jessica,

    That is such a neat project.
    I am sending you a versatile blogger award! Visit me here
    I love your blog!


  9. Too cool! What a neat idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. what a great idea! And I totally in love with your girls cute :)

  11. dont ask me why.. but blogger re posted the garland you made on my blog! lol think that was the post that i lost when blogger had its meltdown!

    Big Hugs my love!!

  12. Smart--very smart. I love those Dollar Tree crafts. There's another craft that Julie from Joy's Hope blog did with Dollar store silver plastic trays and glass candle sticks. She spray painted them in brilliant colors and made cookie plate stands. Genius. I have yet to enter the land of spray paint but it's not too far off. (And for the record---I want a Silhouette too but I think hand lettering is still the Bees Knees. I don't really like my paper crafts to be too perfect but I still want a Silhouette or a Cricut or whatever those new fangled machines are called! LOL. )

  13. Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing. . .definitely something I might "steal" from you :)

  14. I love this whole concept...cute and makes life a little less messy! Perfect!
    I featured your awesome idea on my post today called 'Alooooha Friday Wrap Up' so I hope you check it out! My followers are sure to love it as well :)

    ~Jill from 'Just Dream, Jelly Bean!'

  15. What an awesome idea, suitable for my classroom. Art Center fun, WOW! Thanks...I am new to you blog, however I will be seeing this blog whenever you blog! It is sooo nice when I find a new blog so wonderfully useful in sooo many ways!


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