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May 4, 2011

Paper Bunting with Matching Cupcake Picks!

I love this paper!  
It screamed summer to me and I picture it outside for a summer barbecue, a casual dinner get together, or a little birthday party for either a boy or a girl.
 Oh, these colors.  So citrusy and summery.
  How fun is this yarn that looks like twine?
I think we need some matchy matchy cupcake picks.  What do you think?
You can use these flags for other things too...use them as a mini bunting, goody bag labels, or even on a food table (stick them inside a candy bowl of M&M's or treats).  
So much fun! 
I used lollipop sticks because I can not find white toothpicks.  
Do YOU know where I can find white toothpicks?
 Making this is really simple. :)
Just cut and fold each diamond shape to make a triangle and fold over twine, ribbon or string. 
Glue the triangles together from the tip of the point back towards the fold with craft glue.

Here is a template to make your own...
Click here to download

Hugs and love sweet friends!


  1. very cute, where did you get the lollipost stick? I like those far better than a toothpick!

  2. Cute idea, I love bunting.
    To be honest, I wouldn't even know where to buy tooth picks, let alone white ones.

  3. Totally needed this template! Thank you! Now, I can get crackin' on our birthday party decorations:)

  4. Can I just pay you to decorate for Keller's party in August???

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for the banner idea and download. I have no idea where to find white toothpicks, but have coated my toothpicks with white almond bark to get a white/finished look. It was a little tricky but "did the job". E in TN

  6. I LOVE Bunting but have never yet made one myself...But I have been seeing Bunting everywhere these days...Especially Cake Bunting's.. : ) So maybe it's time I get on the Bunting Wagon...

    Oh..And it was such a blessing to see you stop by and join me over at my blog Ruby Jean...

    Have a Very Blessed Week!!

  7. Jessica,
    These are super cute! Thanks so much for stopping by leaving your sweet words...and thank you for your generosity, your inspiration has brought sweetness to our home...
    ♥J. sevensisters have put gladness in my ♥ Psalm 4

  8. Hello BBFF!!
    This is So very Awesome! Can i just say how much im loving the yarn that looks like expensive twine!! i been really :( cuz i dont have any but now I'm :) b/c i can use YARN!!! YAY!!! :D

  9. I love buntings and this one is so lovely! I like the colours!!

    Very cute!
    Eva xx

  10. Okay I never even thought of using paper :) I keep thinking I need to get moving & make some for all my upcoming spring birthdays but yesterday I found some super cute fabric bunting at Target for a good price too! It is in the birthday party isle...they have a whole new line of adorably party supplies --can't remember the name right now- but you will know what I am talking about when you see it :) LOVE the matching pics!

  11. We are even in Italy can you believe it!!

    ahh I love BlogLand! ;)

  12. This is adorable! I love the idea of using them for a child's outdoor birthday party. I have to remember this for next year!

  13. So cute! I love the lollipop sticks!! The colors are all so pretty together.

  14. I awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award. Love your blog and your heart!


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