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May 10, 2011

Fabric Leaf Vine Garland: Part 1. Yes. It's Another Garland.

Are  you getting tired of my garland obsession? I hope not.
It's just that there are a gazillion ideas running through my head all the time.  I truly can't help it. I love them and so I must make them. And blog about them.  I may need a garland intervention.

I think I am in birthday party mode at the moment. Party pretties and decorations are consuming me. I usually am like this by Spring of each year since my girls share a party having a birthday 2 weeks apart in the middle of Summer.  They love sharing their party (yay for me). And I love decorating and planning the theme yet this year they had other ideas.

Their OWN ideas.  Really?  This young?  Oh well. 

I figured I can get my fix by doing mini parties with one or two of their friends over the Summer.  I have visions of vintage tea parties, outdoor summer picnic parties, a girly glam camp out party.  These were MY ideas that were still fun but PRETTY. I simply like pretty things.

What do they want?  A bounce house or a slip and slide. And it is about them.
I am totally doing it but the fancy girl in me is very sad. But I know I can get creative. :)

Back to the leaf garland...
This one has been on my mind for a possible Etsy shop item. I like the versatility of using different fabrics and colors and then adding removable flowers to them too.
This idea came to me after I made the branch place cards.
All you really need is some coordinating fabric, twine, and a glue gun.
I happen to have these adhesive fabric fuse sheets on hand but double sided fusible interfacing works perfectly too when going a no sew route.
After bonding the two fabrics together, I free hand cut leaf shapes of small, medium, and large sizes.
First step is to create your vine by cutting a length of twine and then cutting small pieces for your "branches."
Tie each piece in a knot.  
I tied each one tight enough so it won't come undone but loose enough that they can slide on the vine to make it as full as I would like.
Add a line of hot glue down the lower middle of one of your leaves, and squeeze the bottom of the leaf around a branch creating a leaf vein.
I did not pay attention to which side of the leaf faced up to add interest and not one specific pattern.
The more leaves and branches you add to your vine, the heavier it gets.  It is not heavy at all for hanging but be aware that you will need to tie it to something in order to hang it.
 It is pretty easy and totally worth it!

Tomorrow or later this week I will share this with you with flowers that  you can add and interchange with it.
Have a fabulous day friends!


  1. Yes, Jess!! So very cute. Love the idea of interchangeable flowers . . . looking forward to seeing that incarnation of this project as well.

  2. So darling ... I don't know if I have the patience of a crafter anymore! But I LOVE this! ;)

  3. Amazig! So cute and simple. I want to see where you are hanging this.

  4. This is very cute. Could totally see it being central theme in a baby's room. So sweet.
    Jennifer N

  5. oh, that`s a great idea!!

    greetings from your new follower :-)


  6. Really Pretty Jess! So funny what you wrote about birthday parties & mini parties bevcause I JUST invited over a friend for a mini party because I wanted to decorate! I told her we need a little tea party because I had a garland I wanted to make :) BUt now our weather has been so rainy I had to put it on hold...but I felt like I was reading my own thoughts :) & I am excited for Annie's party this year but her birthday is in June & we are traveling AND Kelly is going to be gone most of June so I think we will party in July :) It is gonna be a big party hopefully with all the kids from her class so I need Kel's manage the boys :)

    I like those leaves! You always pick the coolest fabrics! I was hoping to get to Michale's today to get the stuff I need but the day is already slipping away! But can't wait to see some of your mini parties! I know they will be amazing!!! & a lot of fun for those girlies!

  7. oh that is very cute! You could do a seperate "garland" christmas tree this year. All these garlands would look so cute with just some clear lights on a christmas tree. Can't wait to see how cute the party is this year, last year was just adorable~

  8. Super Pretty!! I think that Paper Would work as well!! TFS!! Can't wait to see some of the mini party's!

  9. Great tutorial- thanks! ♥

  10. Oh, and I won't get tired of your garland obsession! You go girl! Thanks again for sharing! ♥

  11. Oh my gosh! I love it, it's a rainy day, so i have a new mission 2day :P

  12. This is such a good idea you are so clever.

  13. just stunning. I'm going to try it with paper instead of fabric.

  14. You are so talented, girl! Love your blog! I'm a new follower! Thanks for commenting on mine and you did such a fantastic job with this garland (& tutorial!). Keep it up! :)

  15. Thanks for the tutorial! This is very cool and I have lots of fabrics to do with also. Linda

  16. Hi, this tutorial it's great!! I'm at the beginning with this crafts.. can u tell me where do u buy this beatiful fabrics? I'm italian and here there's no many shop for fabrics. Thank u so much!

    U can answer me at

  17. Hi! I am your newest follower (as of this moment)...I found you at "Tatertots and Jello" blog. Love this garland! Next stop is to see how to make the flowers too!

  18. hi,I love this, thank u very much for sharing these amazing things

  19. This is incredible! Just stumbled across it through Pinterest and went out to buy my fabrics today. My daughter is having a fairy princess birthday party and I can't wait to hang these all over the backyard. Will let you know how it turns out. BTW...I love Anne of Green Gables, Redeeming Love, Mark of the Lion series and of course, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So fun finding people like you via the Web! XO :)

  20. wonderful idea!
    l love it !

    1. I'm going to use your idea for our wedding where the theme is eco and re-usable. I just think your garland would be a great ornament on a table, with a few pebbles (decorated) and your sticks. I think I'll have some long nights crafting looking ahead of me!

  21. Hey Jess! this is absolutely adorable!! I found it on name is Jess too..your pic are really great too and so simple to follow..what type of camera do you use? I'm your newest follower...over at

  22. Oh my goodness. So happy to have found you. What a fantastic DIY tutorial ! Happy to be a new follower. I will be back.

  23. Wow, fab idea love it. Can't wait to see more.

  24. I never, ever get tired of garlands and I think this one is my favorite so far! That's saying a lot, too :D


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