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May 1, 2011

My Pretty Tablescape

 Well here it is.  
I actually have to apologize...none of my photos really turned out and I was busy doing stuff until they turned the lights down so I could only get those orangey glowy type photos that never do the real life thing any justice.  So I de-colored this a bit so you could see it without thinking the table itself was aflame.
Yet you will have to contend with a blurry photo. 
Forgive me?
And forgive me for those water bottles in the pic...hope it does not ruin the aesthetic. 
I truly wish these photos did justice to how pretty it turned out.  It was so elegant.
Actually,  those pink roses cracked me up. I envisioned a symmetrical arrangement looking both understated and gorgeous.  Yet here was me...without my heels on yet...cutting the flowers at mach 2 speed and shoving them into this glass bowl thinking it needs one needs one more.  So surprised one did not spontaneously shoot upward. Someone could have lost an eye.
To create a bigger centerpiece, I put this birdcage next to the branch and nest.  ( I took this shot during the morning set up). At the beginning of the night, I actually tried elevating the whole thing on an upside down tray with the fabric I used for both chargers and napkin wraps but I encountered an unexpected development when I snapped off some little branches off the big branch centerpiece!!!!!!  As I began hyperventilating, someone literally came out with a hot glue gun and some glue sticks for me.  A total God moment along with a joint effort to not have a table hostess laid out in cardiac arrest due to craft failure.
It must have been awesome seeing me kneeling in my black dress at the nearest outlet with a glue gun and my precious family nest and branch. But all was well and the idea of an elevated centerpiece was abandoned.
All around the table we had photos of our family and our parents.  Little conversation pieces to talk about our special family.
And as part of the centerpiece I included the family picture that I have here on this blog.
 Look at this cute couple.  
But seriously these two need to grab a few celery sticks instead of the cheese doodles.  I am detecting more chins then we thought we left with from home. 
Brandon was not necessarily pleased once he read this. :)
My BFF Kelly and me.
My guests LOVED their favors which was the one thing I worried about.  They did not know that but they probably do now since they now know about this here blog. I seriously had the best table everrrr! Seriously, y'all...I met some crafty soul sisters...yes , I mean you Shelya and Lauren!

Shelya is an amazing photographer and Lauren is HILARIOUS and kept cracking me up all night.  And she has a love of birds like I we both can not explain but must feed on a regular basis in our decor.  Much to the apparent chagrin of our hubsters. And darn it all...I never got photos of them.  But em! And they all have hearts for adoption!  Seriously...meant to be!  I will stop gushing over their coolness.
And the place setting which looks exactly like all the other photos this week.  Not that exciting.

Oh, and in case you were curious both the fabric houses art and the runner and napkin rings set did really well!  So happy people liked what I made.
 It was loads of fun and we actually bid on these freshwater pearl earrings and we got them!  
I absolutely love pearls and they are actually my birthstone. So excited!

Now this officially concludes all my tablescape posts.

~The End~


  1. Even more beautiful in person! You've got a gift girl!

  2. It has turned out so so beautifully, very elegant and sophisticated, very well done to you.

  3. From the first pic, I can tell that it looks elegant! You did a fantastic job! Thanks for sharing. This idea would make wonderful wedding reception decor and shower decor for a bridal or baby. Again, nice job, I love it!!!

  4. Oh I love how it all turned out. How did your auction items do? Can't wait to hear all the details.

  5. It looked fantastic!! Very pretty, very elegant! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

  6. It turned out so beautiful--of course! I'm glad you enjoyed it and the event was so fun!

  7. oh what a fun night! You look absolutely gorgeous! screw the celery! I love the party favors, great job!!!

  8. I popped over last night to take a peek & I LOVE it! I knew it would be fabulous! All your little touches came together just perfectly!!! What a lucky bunch to sit at your table!

    Look at you looking all gorgeous! & your BFF is so cute too! It was fun to see her & put a face with her name. I am so glad you have a friend like her... nothing like a BFF :) I wish mine lived closer to me! I miss her terribly! But my sisters are my BFFs too and actually I should go since I am babysitting my lil' sis's 3 kiddos plus my handful (dr. appt....due in 3 weeks:) Have a fab Monday!

  9. You look gorgeous! Great pic of you and Brandon. Love the black and white pics on table too. It all looks so pretty. You have such talent and creativity. And all your blog pics and tutorials are so well done. You should really pursue the photography element more. You are good. Oh and I can picture you panicing over the branch. Oh how I would have wanted to slip you a valium! Hahaha funny how well you handle the big stuff yet comparatively... :)
    Can't wait to see what you are up to next. Xo
    Jennifer N

  10. wow! The centerpiece looks gorgeous on the table! And the other little accents make it perfect! What an elegant display!

  11. Jess - I had a "bird" moment with my husband the other day as well. After I did that post about the way I want to redo our bedroom, I showed it to him and he said, "I like it . . . but can we do *less birds*?" Then he walked me around the house and showed me that we already have a bird thing going on in the bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room. Umm . . . I didn't even realize it fully until he pointed it out. When I protested a bit and told him my entire inspiration for the room came from this one bird print I found and the Aviary 2 fabric, he conceded that it would be ok for our bedroom . . . as long as I PROMISED that it was the last "bird room" in the house. LOL.

    He's a saint, I think.

  12. Oh yeah . . . and I was commenting because I wanted to say that I LOVE YOUR TABLE!! It turned out seriously great.

  13. Jenna is so right... it was so much better in person! You had the prettiest table in the room and it was so much fun! Lauren brought me my birdhouse and birds today and each girl picked one for themselves before I could say they are MINE! It was so great meeting you and we have to get together soon so we can have more time to talk! OH! And I'm in search of a flower headpiece/fascinator for a wedding so if you want to experiment with me, we can make a night of it!


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