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May 16, 2011

Sweet and Simple Project : Paper Tape

 Why, hello there pretty tape! 
I did not plan on purchasing you today yet I can assure you I can not leave you here on the shelf all alone. Would you like to become prettier then you already are?
Well fabulous.

Yep.  This was the conversation I had with my pretty new paper tape

It was one of those purchases that I HAD to have.  
And when we got home, I spied the curious hands of my little budding crafters getting a hold of my pretty tape. Suddenly, my brain went into fight or flight mode and I actually saw myself in slow motion with my mouth forming the word "NOOOOOOO!" as I leaped chairs and furniture to save my precious tape.

Something is seriously wrong with me. 
But I retrieved my tape successfully. And reinforced my high level of weird for my children.
But I knew the first thing I wanted to do with this pretty tape.
It would look lovely on a little recycled glass votive.
I save the glass after using the candles and pop them into the freezer. Then I can take out the remaining wax, wash it, and then reuse the glass votive part.
 All I did was wrap the tape around the glass making sure I started and stopped at the same place with each piece of tape.
So pretty and it matches my kitchen!
Sweet and Simple!  

This paper tape is from Martha Stewart called Vintage Girl
I am absolutely in love with japanese washi tape too and would be perfect for projects like these.

Here are some great sites to check those out too...
Kawaii Tape

Happy Taping!

My Mema Update:
First of all I cannot tell you how much all of your comments have  meant to me. Especailly your prayers. 
I was bummed that blogger deleted many of your precious comments when it went down because I was so encouraged by them and wished  you could read them to be encouraged too.  I normally respond by email but I have been so busy so please forgive me for that.

At this moment I am writing you from the house I grew up in.  Kind of surreal to be back in Maryland.  I have seen family I have not seen in a number of years and that has been so sweet.  My Mema is doing very well physically but mentally her dementia (which I never mentioned to you) is a bit worse.  I expected this but it has been very heart wrenching.  Emotions have run a bit high among all of us and a few times she has not known who I am which has never been the case for her thus far.  But she did know who I was when I arrived.  We think my grandmother may need a nursing home rather then assisted living so it has been very difficult coming to this realization on numerous levels.

But I praise God that she has no signs of pneumonia...her chest is clear!  And she is healing very rapidly and in minimal pain.  Hallelujah!
Even in her confusion she says things like..."I have had such a blessed life" or "I love my family or "this is the happiest day of my life." I think she was so happy to have all her kids in one place and 3 of her 7 granddaughters (including one of her great granddaughters) there to just love on her.

I am so grateful to God for putting you all in my life and caring for me enough to pray.  It is such an overwhelming blessing that I wished I had more words to convey my appreciation and love for you.

I wish I could give you more details but please pray for my heart. I will be here until Tuesday and I need strength, wisdom, and discernment.  I hate to be cryptic but I just need to be strong. So if you are thinking of it...please pray.

Keep being the wonderful friends you are.


  1. Jessica, I just recently discovered your beautiful blog. What a creative and talented lady you are. Love your beautiful tutorials!

    I love that you call your grandmother 'mema'. That's what my sister's grandchildren call her.
    I'm happy to hear that your mema is doing better, and will keep you, and her in my prayers.
    It is so wonderful to have family during difficult times like this. I'm sure you are all sharing the beautiful memories you have of your sweet mema.
    Sending hugs, Debi

  2. You and your darling tape and lovely family - yes, you'll have my prayers. I hope you really enJOY this time together making more special memories together.

  3. Love this project!! That tape is soooo cute!! I know you said it was Martha Stewart, but where did you purchase it? Walmart? I know they carry some Martha Stewart things...

    So glad to hear that your grandmother's pneumonia has cleared up!! That's fantastic!! My husband's grandmother is going through something very similar. She broke her hip a couple years ago & continues to have problems with it! She too is in the hospital battling pneumonia right now. We were hoping to get her into an assisted living here, then we realized she was going to need a nursing home, now the doctors are thinking she isn't going to make it out of the hospital at all! She also battles dementia as well. So sad!!

    I'll be praying for you & your Mema!! Have a safe trip home from Maryland!!

  4. glad your mema is doing better physically! my grammy has worsening dementia, and it's hard. my grandma had it before she passed, and it was brought on by her parkinson's meds. glad you're spending some quality time with your family!

    do you mind my asking where in maryland you are? i live in cecil county, which is up in the northeastern corner near delaware.

    i will continue to pray for you!

  5. Your color combinations are a knock-out. So bright and springy. Love you fabric flower garland tutorial, too. Sending prayers upstairs for you and your family.

  6. cute tape. My hubby lost two granparents from alzheimers, I'm so sad when this happens, it is truly a heartbreaking disease. I know God will give you peace.

  7. love the paper tape, 'vintage girl'. i'm absolutely going to have to hunt it down. it's ever so pretty.

    i hope your mema continues to feel better.

    have a lovely day.

  8. I love this so much. I love it!!! It's so cute. Something that Bella would love to do too and I would possibly have the patience to do with her. Been praying for you so much!! Love you.

  9. I'm a new follower. I've already started praying for you, your Mema, and your family. God knows each need and will meet them. Hugs to you, Jessica.

  10. Ahhh..I was so worried when I started reading this because I am so behind...but I was so glad to read she is okay. How cute you call her Mema...I had a good friend who called her grandma Mema & I was always a little jealous :) I know how much LOVE you have to give & how loveable you are so I can imagine you two are quite close...I will try to remember to pray for her often this week.

    I miss you!!! It has been crazy though & now my lil sis is prab having HER babe tomorrow or Wed so it is only going to get crazy but you know how it goes....I know you are over your head too but I still miss you a ton!

    I love you little votive holder...I would BUY the tape & it would sit on my shelf...for like ever. So thank you for the cutest little idea! I think Annie & her friends would have fun making these too...would drive me a little nuts whe they put it on crooked :) But you know...they would have fun :)

    Talk soon!

  11. Jessica,

    I have prayed for you and your family, it is very difficult when we see someone who had been so vibrant and alive begin to go down hill, truly it is the grace of God that sustains us in times such as these. We know they come to all, but that does not make it easier, it is only as we look to the Lord that we can walk through hard times. I trust that you will be held up by His love and care.


  12. I just ♥ your blog!

    Hello from Austria.

  13. Hi Jessica, Love the project... I have just gotten in the Washi tape myself.
    I am so sorry about Mema. We have a similar situation here. I'll send you a seperate email later. Take care my friend. Malia

  14. Wow, nice suggestion with the paper tapes. It's a good idea and so far, I'm loving your blog :D

  15. Many prayers for your Mema. The dementia is a really difficult thing for loved ones to watch - my Papaw suffered with it. I think it's so special you are able to be there for her.

    And, these votives are so lovely! And, I actually feel like it's a project I could start and finish! I LOVE those kinds of projects:) I love all of your projects!

  16. So sorry to hear about your Grandma. My Grandma was one of my best friends and passed on last year. It's so hard!! Even though we have hope and know she's with Jesus, it's still difficult to handle sometimes. I will be praying.
    On to craftiness - I love washi tape, I have a few rolls I'm gonna play around with myself. Love your choices!


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