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April 2, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Cati's Room

As promised, I thought I would show you Cati's room before we leave this house that saw the beginning of a family.

Before you come in you need to know that this was the room that we initially readied for the precious foster kids we cared for.  We poured so much prayer and anticipation into this room. Who would have known it was the beginning of parenthood for us bringing our firstborn home in a matter of months?  Below are some pictures of hubs and I painting the room.
I do believe the hubs may threaten me bodily harm once he gets wind of this photo out there for all the webby world to see.  But it is so cute.  This is his "beachy look" stage where he grew his hair long and wanted to buy a jeep to restore.(I am totally laughing right now and I keep hitting delete because I can't stop cracking up).  If you don't hear from me soon, check in on me as I may be trapped under something heavy.  A supposed "accident."
So to soften the blow of this reveal, I have posted this very unflattering picture of myself as well.  Wielding a paint roller and like always...talking nonstop.
This is when Cati occupied the room but I wanted you to see how I stenciled all these happy words around the room like Sing, Cuddle, Hug, and Explore.  We wanted this to be a safe and happy place for these kids.
That dresser was in my apartment during my senior year of college.  I can't believe I bought a kids dresser but I was a poor college kid.  It came with these bright primary color slider things to put on the front of the drawers. Came in handy here!  Those valances are a Kmart special and I have had them forever.  I think they were in my kitchen in my first house.
Cute Cati hard at play and wanting to become one of her stuffed animals.
This is her room now.  
She loves the color pink (I wonder why) and wanted a pink room.  I bought this bedding for a song at TJ Maxx and Cati's sweet daddy painted this room during a weekend Cati and I went away. And see?  Decor on the ceiling.  It is a must.
Her living and kitchen area.  Ha!

Her dress up clothes which are a daily pleasure around here with 2 girly girls. They wear it ALL!

This is the molding around the closet door.  The paint is cracking and it is dirty with filthy zebra stripes where I clean in between the lines. We started a height chart for Cati here and there is no way I am risking wiping it off.  I finally took a picture of it and this is part of the sweet history I am sad to walk away from.

This is a precious doll house she got for Christmas from her grandparents.
As I backed up to take a picture for ya'll, I stepped on the corner and heard a crunch.  Shoot!
Look at this cute thing!  How adorable but look at the door on the right hanging off because I am a klutz.
So then I am fiddling with it to see if I can glue it and I snap it completely off.   
Cati came up to me later on with the whole door in her hand.  Oh well.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of Cati's room.  I am not sure I can show you the rest of the house as I have been packing like crazy and we are drowning in boxes and chaos.  But I will see what I can do.

But get ready.  I will be asking you fr advice about the new house.  I will need HELP!

POST SCRIPT:  I am a liar, aren't I?  I told you in another post that I have no pink in my decor and here you see it gracing the walls of my daughter's room. And I did say there is almost none of it in my decor.  But come on?  A pink bathroom vanity with pink sinks?  I draw the line somewhere.


  1. What a sweet post. I love her room and I am sure you will create another beautiful one.

    As for the dollhouse-super glue works wonders :) That is coming from one klutz to another!

  2. What a sweet room...wishing you lots of hugs for a great Easter and for all that packing. xoxoxo

  3. What a georgeous room! I am in love with that dollhouse... broken and all! LOL!! Thanks so much for the comment you left on my blog... man, you sure know how to make a girl feel good!! Oh, and I was cracking up over the photos of you and hubby painting and your captions with them. I called my hubby over to check it out and we were both rolling.

    You are going to do amazing things with your new house. YOURS!! Has a nice ring to it, eh? Can't wait to see what you come up with and watch as it unfolds!!! When do you want to come decorate my kiddos room, huh? ;)

  4. Write down the heights so you can reconstruct the chart in the new house! I know its not quite the same, but at least then they aren't lost for ever.
    Stumbled in here the other day and got hooked on your story. All the best :)

  5. I think you could probably very carefully take the moulding down. You'd have to take it down all the way around the door and replace it, but then you could have it!

  6. hope you had a blessed Easter my dear!
    Cant wait to see how you make your new home super Lovely!

  7. What a sweet room. Jess, we have so much in common it's crazy scary. :-)

  8. Não consigo parar de olhar seu blog...
    estou adorando tudo que vejo.


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