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April 8, 2010

Easter Photos...A Little Late

I meant to post this Monday and time just got away from me.  I wish I had photos that were  more exciting but I was not on the ball that day plus I kept forgetting to get a family photo.  But my girls are always worth every picture even if it is only the tops of their adorable heads.  They looked so cute and I was so excited Ella was ready to do the the egg hunt this year.

If you notice the above pics, I got their cute, little bonnets from the dollar tree.  I removed the pink ribbon, added my own, and made the flowers from an old bed skirt that I use for scrap material.


The girls love hats.  Which I love because they look so precious and girly. And my hubby told me this sweet story about how his pastor from the church he grew up in always had the women and girls wearing Easter bonnets to stand up so he could ooh and ahh over it. I love that story and since the girls were all for it, I had them wear them.  But did you notice that little piece hanging down on Cati's hat?  She apparently wore out that hat because it started unraveling. Too funny.

After church I made banana cream pies.  I do it each year for Easter dinner. The girls got to lick the beaters.  I always loved that as a kid.
Cati is such a ham.  Takes after her momma.
The egg hunt!  
I bought these cutie baskets at Sam's Club last year and they have held up so nice!  I looooove anything felt so I snatched these up. I use them for different things throughout the year too.

The lollipop flowers worked out OK.  They were much bigger in my mind's eye. Next year, I will cluster them together or make bigger flowers. The kids loved it and that's what matters!

A fabulous day to celebrate our Risen Savior.


  1. look at your little angels!! in those adorable outfits!!
    Love the Hat makeovers!!

  2. beautiful pictures! great job on the easter hats!!

  3. The hats are lovely,looks like a nice weekend...

  4. So I am in LOVE with the girls matching dresses. And Ella's face in the first picture... hehe! Adorable!!

  5. oh I wish I lived in florida, look how warm it looks! so cute.

  6. I love Easter. And I love your girls' dresses! I understand about your craziness right now. In fact, I'd love to guest blog on Two Tips Tuesday to help you out. Except I really don't see me having the time either, lol.

  7. How sweet and adorable! I love their little hats and the way you fancied them up!

    Thanks so much for your sweet words today. I bought into some of those lies as well, and it just breaks my heart in two when I see other girls doing the same thing.

    Hope all is going great with the house.


  8. Just found your blog through Marla's and had to comment! You pictures and blog are all so cute:) Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Your daughters are absolutely adorable. Love what you did with the pink hat. I wish I could get my daughter to wear one!

  10. The girls look so beautiful in the pictures it's hard to imagine (but so true) that they were even more adorable in person that morning!

    Miss and love you! How's packing going? Let us know how when can help... next week... I'm almost there...


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