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April 6, 2010

Two Tips Tuesday

I am in MAJOR packing mode.  So this may be my last two tips unless any one of you lovely people will graciously volunteer yourself to guest post for me.  There are a few of you I have in mind to ask for help but I am so busy I don't even think I have time to do that.  So today's tips are born of desperation coupled with a desire to salvage anything even if it is merely to post it here.  None of it is new but may inspire some of you as you embark on Spring Cleaning or an urge to purge!

TIP#1:  Other Uses for a Plastic Placemat

 I had this placemat (bought at Target) for Cati because I found myself scrubbing the table for 5 minutes after one of her many meals turned Frenzied Dining Art. It helped a lot but after cleaning it all the time it was showing some wear and tear.  Not to be one to just throw it away, I figured I could use it for something else. Here are two ways I came up with...

 Mouse Pad
Do you like my retro chic mouse? I so looked for our more current one but I think it broke and we had to go back to this one.  Disregard dusty desk as well.


TIP#2:  What to do with Mis-Matched Picture Frames

A lot of these frames are great and I have been trying to figure out which stuff will go in the yard sale, donate, or trash piles.  And pictures frames have always baffled me.  Often, they come as gifts in all shapes, sizes, colors and tastes but the photo is the important part!  But I am always left feeling like I am unsure how to make these  look unified. Other people make it look easy (probably many of you) and it was long time coming for me to finally get it. So I decided to throw some of my frames together and give them some new life.

For me, the key was to not be afraid to work with what I had and just change them.  So a fresh coat of spray paint did just the trick. I think I will carry out the unified theme and just do black and white or sepia toned photos.  I am excited to salvage some picture frames and be able to put them to good use in our new home. Now let me go wrap these up and put them in a box.

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. I like them all much better white! And I hate packing and moving... I don't wish to be you one bit!

  2. I do the same thing with picture frames. I love paint! Happy packing!! Wish I was there to help.

  3. have fun packing, okay that was stupid to say. I Have a frugal tip it's not crafty, but if you want to hear it, e=mail me.

  4. Where do you come up with this stuff? I am amazed at what you can do and think up--even when I know your head is chock full of other stuff. Thanks! And, good luck! Packing up (and then unpacking) means de-cluttering and that is always a good thing, right?

  5. I totally spray paint everything too! The fames look fab after you worked your magic! Cute ideas!

    I hope the packing is going well! I am sure you have so many mixed emotions. It will be fun to watch you turn your new house into a home!!!

  6. Absolutely fantastic! I love the painted frames. I have a BOX of random frames that I keep hanging on to. Now I know what I'm doing this weekend! Already have the pain too! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. I just saw you commented on my Wordless Tuesday post this week and I was so excited I almost peed my pants because I LOVE your Two Tips Tuesday. And basically anyone I love automatically becomes famous. So.. a famous person commented on my blog! YAY!! :) keep 'em coming!


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