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April 27, 2010

Two Tips Tuesday: New Life for Shower Curtain Rings & A Shoe Box

TIP #1: Other Uses for Plastic Shower Curtain Rings
I am not really sure why I have these in my possession.  I must have purchased them to have a spare set on hand.  Perhaps I thought all 12 of my current set would spontaneously malfunction and I needed a back up set?  Dunno.  What I do know is I never used them and as I was packing boxes I came across them and have been burning the brain cells to come up with ways to use these. So what did I come up with?

Exhibit A:  Fun Bracelets for my Girls!

The girls were the ones that actually came up with the idea when I saw that they had got into the box and were wearing them as bracelets.  Being that I need everything to be pretty, I decided that I would use ribbon to beautify them up.  I just used a little hot glue to secure one end, wrapped it all the way around and secured the other end with another little dab of glue.  Easy peasy! Ella will model them for you...

She literally sat there putting each one on and then would take them off one by one, line them up on the floor and start all over.  Gotta love her. She is too darn scrumptious and cute. Cati loves them too but all my pics of her wearing them were blurry since she can not sit still. Oh well.

Exhibit B:  Rings to Hang Scarves and Belts and Other Hangy Things

What makes this work is the ribbon keeps the hangy things from sliding off and the fact that they are shower curtain rings helps you to put them on the hanger when you unclasp them.

And no.  I did not pick some of my favorite clothes to go on either side of my hangy thingy and make it look like it was haphazardly placed in my closet but I really put it there next to my favorite top and dress.
Not uh.  Not me.

TIP #2:  Shoe Box Chic

Of course you know I am packing.  I mention it in like every post.  Is it getting old?  Because it is sooooo getting old on this end too. But anyway, in my efforts to try to find new uses for old things or just try to breathe new life into something that can be easily tossed, I came up with a fun way to dress up this old shoe box from a pair of my daughter's shoes...

Do you love it?  Cuz I sure do!!!!
All I used here was some scrap burlap and that old, white bed skirt I have mentioned a few times. 

(Sorry for the blurry picture) I made the flower rosettes by merely twisting the material and gluing them as I rolled them in a spiral.  The sash across the box is just a section of the hemmed part of the bed skirt folded in half and glued to the top of the box.

It took me less than an hour to make and I ended up with a gorgeous box to display or even a custom made gift box.  So much fun and all free from what I had in my stash!  YOU GOTTA LOVE THAT!

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  1. LOVE the Bracelets !!! I am SO going to make these for my little one when she gets a bit older!!
    Super CUTE!!

  2. Oh I love the bracelets, I might even attempt making them for my daughter, she loves her accessories :-)

  3. ok...i'm thinking...why would you want to live in your own new house, when you could come live with me and make cool stuff out of my...what do you call it??? oh yeah, "stash." i'm thinking with that bracelet and the ring (you know...THE RING)...i would never have to buy another piece of jewlery and who would want to?

  4. hi. this is bella. the bracelet thing is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!

  5. You don't HAVE to add coconut! try them without! when's the big move?

  6. No are you so cute? These are the best ideas ever!! BTW your comment on my blog was so funny! Thanks for coming by :)

  7. What great ideas for the shower curtain rings! And I LOVE the shoe box!

  8. these are such great ideas! I have a set of shower curtain rings that have just been sitting in a drawer...and more than likely never going to get used. But now I know how to use them! My belts are piled in a big mess in a bin...this will totally make my life easier! You're awesome. And the shoe box...yeah, totally rocks too :)

  9. Say What?! That box is adorable. WAAAYYY cuter than in my own mind when you shared it with me! Seriously, if you get any craftier I might explode. Ok, that made no sense.
    Teehee, Kelly

  10. Oh and by the way.....I will be sending all my shoeboxes to you for foo foo treatment. Thank you and goodnight. :-P


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