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April 13, 2010

Two Tips Tuesday: Guest Post

OK, I am seriously ecstatic to introduce you to Keren.  I can honestly tell you that her blog is like a hug and a cup of tea with a close friend. Also, with that kind of blog title, I was an instant follower. :)
Keren is so sweet, so creative, and so lovely. Her creativity is a merging of simplicity, feminine loveliness with an "I can so do that" ease.  Her blog is wonderful to visit. She is the kind of person you meet and instantly want to be friends with.  Not to mention getting peeks of her off the charts beautiful, baby daughter every once in a while. Honestly, I am just so excited that she is here today.  Please go visit her and give her lots of love. 
Hello Everyone!

I'm Keren from Free PrettyThings For You!

Thank You Jessica and Everyone for welcoming me here today!!
I'm a SUPER Fan of Jessica's and I am Honored to be her guest Blogger on this fantastic
2 Tips Tuesday!

 Lets get started!!
Tip  1:
 As all my followers know already, I am a Mega fan of Martha Stewart and her amazing line of products!  But they also know that I am on a budget and sometimes ...  OK all the time MS is a bit pricey.

So today I am going to show you how to Save $ and get super similar results by Doing It Yourself!
 In one of my trips to the ever fabulous Michael's I stumbled upon the new MS Flocking Powders.. they looked So yummy in all their pastel color glory ...But... I had NO CLUE on how to begin to use them or what they were even for!
Of course I had to find out so I GOOGLED it and came across this wonderful Blog called Such Pretty Things!!  She had this AMAZING tutorial on how to use them and I fell even more in love with the Powders!

Take  a look for yourself here!  They make pretty paper even More pretty with fuzzy texture! :)
Here is how I did my own Flocking Powder:
1.  I Started with MS Craft Seam Binding  ribbon I already owned  2.  Used pretty leaf heart punched paper
3.  Cut small piece of Craft Seam Binding ribbon
4.  Unravel it
  5.  Cut it super fine
6.  Collect the  fuzzy powder
7.  Spread glue on desired area
8.  Spread fine fuzz over glued area   -shake excess off-  
and your done!!

Now you have a super cute gift tag ready to adorn a special gift!
Tip 2:
 This is a SUPER easy DIY Tip for you to try next time you want to personalize a gift for a loved one :) 
 1. Peel off the Logo Sticker
2. Choose your Rub on transfer image
3. Rub it on
And there you have it!
your own personalized budget friendly beautiful candle!!
Front                                          Back 
If you have any questions or just want to say hello please feel free to do so! 
Thank you again for having me Jessica my dear! Love ya!

Take care Everyone and God bless!


Isn't she fabulous? Go visit her and say hello! 
Happy Tuesday Friends!


  1. Jessica you made me tear up!
    Thank YOU for all the kind words and for your Beautiful Heart!
    Im hear when you need me!
    ::Lots of Hugs My Sweet Friend!::

  2. I follow her already! I love the candle idea!!

  3. LOVE the candle! & so fun to meet a new friend! i better get over to her blog & say hello! Hope the moving stuff is going well!

  4. The candle idea is great!!! Love it b/c those candles smell so GREAT!


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