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April 20, 2010

Playing Catch Up, Cute and Choclatey Girlies, and Maybe 1 Tip for Today

So this is me yesterday when I realized the next day was Tuesday and I had no tips and I completely have forgotten what day of the week it is...

 Then I remembered that all of you are awesome and you come here because you dig my chile. This was actually an expression I used as a teenager.  Is it any wonder I was a geek?  I actually thought that expression was cool. This is my face after I revealed my high school coolness to all of you...

But I remembered that I make being a You know it's true.

So I am good now.  

Moving on...

On Sunday I got a craving for ice cream.  And not any ice cream. I wanted GOLD MEDAL RIBBON ice cream from Baskin Robbins at Dunkin Donuts.  Oh, that creamy vanilla and chocolate goodness wrapped in tons of sticky, gooey ribbons of caramel.  Really, it is a sweet, scrumptious treat that is pleasure beyond reason. 

And my girls agree.

I think Ella felt her girled out t-shirt with a glittery rainbow and hearts needed some edge so she browned it up with some chocolate.  I like it. 
Oh yeah.

On the pants too.

Even the shoes.  Brand new shoes I might add.  But whatever.

And chocolate kisses are always fun too.

So then I got to thinking.  Do I have a tips?  AHA!  I remembered something from the weekend. Cati and I were playing tug of war with her dollar tree hoola hoop (Have I ever mentioned I often lack maturity and good old common sense?) Well the obvious happened.  It broke.

But you know me.  What can I do with this now that it is broken?  So I did this...

A Canopy Made From a Hoola Hoop!

I was so excited!  This is probably already out there but it was fun to imagine I am the only person on the planet to come up with this.  All I used were sheer curtain panels, and some leftover tulle I had.

 I peeled off the ribbon from the hoola hoop and taped the broken part.

 If you want to try this without brilliantly breaking the hoop during tug of war, just take off the ribbon and pull it apart here. Then slide the panels on.

I don't think this should go over my mischievous daughter's crib but I thought it might work on a covered porch or even in the corner of one of the girl's room's as a little reading nook.  We shall see what I come up with at the new house.

What do you think?

Hope you enjoyed this Tuesday's utter randomness!  Hugs to all of you dear friends!


  1. Have I told you how awesome I think you are? Because I do!!! Love the canopy! Great way to be green and use something that was broken and make it something cute: -) love it

  2. Oh how I loved the pictures of your face, and the third one with you smiling so perty is really great! Ok, my heart started to race with that chocolate all over the place, (oh I rhymed). I mean, you weren't stressed out at all?

  3. Ohh too cute, What a great idea!

  4. okay... you've inspired me...

  5. clever mommy! I bought one at Walmart and a year or two later... my daughter doesn't want it hanging anymore! garage sale!

    I dig your chile! geeks are cool! we are ... I know we are! =)

    I need to visit you more... being cool and all! my blog is growing... and I need to find balance.. he he! so many of you great amazing ladies out here to get to know!~

  6. Great idea and oh so crafty! I love the new cream included :)

  7. Great idea! I wish I would think of things like that! :)

  8. Just found you, and that is a GREAT idea for a broken hula hoop!! I'm stealing your button ;)
    I'll be back!

  9. I'm so sorry Jess, but I must tell you to be afraid, be very afraid! If you think toddlers are bad, your gonna wish for those silly tantrums back. I have three teenagers in the house and it is NOT PRETTY!

  10. Seiously? you made this!!! You are way too awesome!!! I can't even believe all you come up with! And then you actually do it! it looks awesome!!!

    Oh & when you finish the pantry vending machine do you think you could whip up a luandry one for me too? I think I need one today! & of course I will need a Gold Medal Ribbon cone to go please...large :)

  11. What great idea for making a canopy! It looks so wonderful. I had always thought I would do something similiar in my daughter's room but never got around to it. Thanks for leaving such a wonderful comment on my blog. You truly made my day with your kind words.

  12. Love it! Love you! Love your girls! Those ice cream pics are just precious and you make me laugh. Thanks for the smile before bed. I totally dig your chile.

  13. Oh those girls. They are so dang sweet they make my teeth hurt.


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