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April 17, 2010

I Have Another Blog!

I have been so busy with packing lately that I have not been blogging.  

The only thing I have to talk about is this move, the new house, and I felt like if I did this too much on my blog (and I already felt like I told you too much as it is) I would start being one of those friends that just talks about one thing every time you saw them. So I decided to just to stay busy and break from the blog.

But the thing is...I always need to vent.  Plus, I am learning so much about this process.  Since we are buying our first home, preparing to do some remodeling (which is so new to me), and basically starting from scratch, I figured I should create a journal of sorts to document this momentous process. new blog was born that will strictly be focused on the house, home decor, remodeling, and DIY projects for the home. I am NO EXPERT but I think it will be fun to see what happens.

I am not sure if I will do all the bloggy pizazz with this blog and have a button or fun fonts. It is actually pretty simple.  I just want to document this amazing home adventure.  I have no idea where it will go or if I am even kidding myself that I can do a HOME DECOR based blog. Or maintain TWO blogs. I am not one to easily stay focused which is the beauty of Two Shades of Pink.  I gave myself permission before I even started writing to be random, crafty, talk about my family, my girls, and my faith to give you a picture of me if you knew me in person.

So if you want to check it out, please do.  If you want to stay with me though this whole process then follow along.  I have been pretty overwhelmed with all of this but it always makes me smile when I remember that all of you have been so encouraging and with me through it all.  Thank you so much.
Just click on the the little hummingbird above and it will take you there.

Thanks for being my friends!  You have come to mean so much to me!


  1. Jess ~ You amaze me. You really do.

  2. hi my dear!
    i clicked it and it didnt take me there :(

  3. you are busy busy busy... of course I'm off to follow your other blog. We did a huge remodel/addition to our home. I have all the before/after photos, to bad they are not digital. Take lots of photos, duh of course you will!
    Have Lollibag, Will Remodel! there's your new catch phrase.

  4. So much excitement! The house looks beautiful. How fun to re-do and add to it and make it your own! Can't wait to see!


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