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March 20, 2010

Another House. Another Offer.

I am beyond thrilled but I am trying to guard my heart.

We found another house today and we are ecstatic!  I am scared to show you pics but I figure if I am scared, then I am a tad superstitious and if I am superstitious, then I am not really having faith.  So here it is...

Omigosh...seriously I went to go post a pic and MY COMPUTER TURNED OFF!   No power.  It just turned off...(OK. I kicked the cord out of the socket but still this made for a timely moment of mega drama).  Talk about getting superstitious! OK.  Uploading pictures for the second time...

Look at Cati saying Welcome Home!  
Actually, she kind of looks like she just yelled Get Off My Property!  But I choose to believe she is the friendly, neighborly sort of girl.

Cati and me posing for a pic out front.  I so wish I cropped out my caboose in this pic.  It is moments such as these that I am reminded that I need to lose the 30 pounds I gained preggo with Ella. But then I go eat a cheeseburger and get over it. I really did.

Family pic with our realtor's phone.  
Now Ella looks like the angry, unsocial neighbor.  And Cati is laughing at people.  
This does not bode well for my parenting skills. 

They look much more friendly here.

So here we go again.  So many details to share but I will share them with you later.  Bottom line is that this house is...
So much cheaper.
Not far at all (actually closer than the other house).
It needs some work done but mostly cosmetic.
It is a short sale that a buyer just backed out of due to the long wait and was about to be approved by the bank.
We stepped in and took over the same offer to the bank.
Signing contract tomorrow.
God's hand is all over this and if this house works out, so much makes sense now.

This is not a dream home.  But it is a super nice home!!!!  It is worth far more than we would pay for it and after we get done with it, I think it will be lovely.  I am excited to invite you along for this particular ride too.  

Thank you to all of you who have emailed me to find out how it is going.  Figured you would enjoy updated pics of the girls and my rump. When we are pretty sure about how thing are going and it will be ours, I will invite you for a tour inside.  

Take care, my sweet friends.  Thank you so much for your care and loving comments.


  1. Oh--just a peek in that door on the last picture and it made me think it was perfect! So excited for you!

    And, just so you know, as I scrolled down through your post, I thought that you posed so strategically around the tree and laughed when you said it wasn't so nice! What are you talking about--your behind is completely hidden not hanging out! Go eat dessert, too!

  2. I'm so excited for you! In my opinion, cosmetic things that need to be done are the fun things to get to do to a new house, anyways. But my Momma intentionally looked for a kinda ugly house when I was growing up so she could get a better price for it and then make it pretty her own self!

  3. ...So maybe my viewpoint is skewed. Sorry that I pushed the button a little premature!

  4. i've been reading your blog lately (and loving it!), along with your journey to find a house. yippee for you and your family. i am quite thrilled and can't help but be reminded of jeremiah 17:7...blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, and whose hope is the Lord. keep trustin', sister cuz god is faithful!!

  5. AAHH! So excited for you Jessica!

  6. Its so pretty! I love the pictures with the tree!

  7. I guess you could call me a "quiet" reader of your blog and I have been following your house buying process. I am thrilled that you guys have been able to find this home. It is a very cute home. There is something good that does come through this storm of a horrible housing market... buyers are able to get homes they may not have been able to obtain a few years ago. Good luck with the purchasing process. Praying for you guys!

  8. OH! OH! this house is WAAAAAY cuter than the last one!! I love it! Can't wait to read more and see more :)

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your blog is precious! So beautiful! I'll keep your house situation in my prayers! I'm sure this is a very exciting time for you guys. We would love to be in the market for another home, but that will come when the Lord says that it's time.

  10. Praying for you and your family and that if it's God's will you will get this house!

  11. Yes! He is good... always! Praying for you, and loovving that tree! It has family photo shoot written all over it :) Blessings on your day!

  12. I can't wait to hear an update about the offer and to see if everything went through! Keep us posted - and we all need to breakfast again soon.

  13. Yay! The house looks sooo nice! Hopefully everything will continue to go smoothly. Can't wait for a tour of the rest of the house.

    I recommended your blog over at The Pursuit of Mommyness's Connect MEme Monday! Love your blog!

  14. Oh this is getting exciting! You totally look good at this house! It takes 30 pounds off you for sure! :) (You are a stick for I need to lose 30 pounds:) but back to the house...I have to admit my fav part was when you said Kati looked like she was yelling GET OZFF MY PROPERTY :) She totally did aftern you said that & I totally laughed! But the home REALLY is beautiful! Sending a prayer right now!


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